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Sleeping Pads: Discount Sleeping Mats & Foam Pads for Camping

A sleeping pad or mat will keep you warm and comfortable when sleeping outside during camping, hiking, mountaineering, and hunting trips. Sleeping pads provide an extra layer to protect you and insulate you from cold and frozen ground. They also offer extra cushion from hard, rocky, and uneven ground. There are many types of sleeping pads available for a variety of types of situations including foam sleeping pads, lightweight sleeping pads, self-inflating sleeping pads, and extra length sleeping pads. At United Sportsmen's Store, we carry a complete selection of discount sleeping pads and mattresses to fit every need and budget.

Sleeping Pads

Alps Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad

Comfort Series Air Pad, Long Moss Long, Moss
Mfg: 7250003
SKU: 59250
Comfort Series Air Pad - XXL Moss XXL, Moss
Mfg: 7450003
SKU: 59254
Comfort Series Air Pad - XL Moss XL, Moss
Mfg: 7350003
SKU: 59252

Alps Mountaineering Foam Mat 750 Grey

Foam Mat Large 750 Grey Large
Mfg: 7553999
SKU: 60276
Foam Mat Regular 750 Grey Regular
Mfg: 7552999
SKU: 60277

Big Agnes AirCore

20 inches x 66 inches x 2.5 inches aircore petite 20" x 66" x 2.5" Petite
Mfg: PAP11
SKU: 74006
20 inches x 72 inches x 2.5 inches aircore reg 20" x 72" x 2.5" Reglar
Mfg: PAR2.55
SKU: 74007
20 inches x 72 inches x 2.5 inches aircore rgmummy 20" x 72" x 2.5" Regular Mummy
Mfg: PAMR2.55
SKU: 74005
20 inches x 78 inches x 2.5 inches aircore lg 20" x 78" x 2.5" Long
Mfg: PAL2.55
SKU: 74003
20 inches x 78 inches x 2.5 inches aircore lgmummy 20" x 78" x 2.5" Long Mummy
Mfg: PAML2.55
SKU: 74004

Big Agnes Insulated AirCore Pad

20 inches x 66 inches x 2.5 inches insltaircore petite 20" x 66" x 2.5", Petite
Mfg: PIAP8
SKU: 74011
20 inches x 72 inches x 2.5 inches insltaircore reg 20" x 72" x 2.5", Regular
Mfg: PIAR8
SKU: 74012
20 inches x 72 inches x 2.5 inches insltaircore rgmummy 20" x 72" x 2.5", Regular Mummy
SKU: 74010
20 inches x 78 inches x 2.5 inches insltaircore lgmummy 20" x 78" x 2.5", Large Mummy
SKU: 74009
20 inches x 78 inches x 2.5 inches insltaircore long 20" x 78"x 2.5", Long
Mfg: PIAL8
SKU: 74008

Browning Camping Browning Series Air Pad

Browning Series Air Pad - Regular Regular
Mfg: 7275014
SKU: 59251
Browning Series Air Pad - XL X-Long
Mfg: 7475014
SKU: 59255
Browning Series Air Pad - Long Long
Mfg: 7375014
SKU: 59253

Chinook ChinookRest Mattress

ChinookRest Mattress 76x25 76" x 25"
Mfg: 23035
SKU: 55113
ChinookRest Mattress 72x20 72" x 20"
Mfg: 23030
SKU: 55112

Chinook Guiderest Lite Mattress

Guiderest Lite Mattress 72x20 72x20
Mfg: 23057
SKU: 54317
Guiderest Lite Mattress 48x20 48x20
Mfg: 23052
SKU: 54316

Chinook Trailrest Mattress

Trailrest Mattress XL 76x25 X-Large, 76"x 25"
Mfg: 29120
SKU: 55117
Trailrest Mattress Large 71x24.5 Large, 71" x 24.5"
Mfg: 29115
SKU: 55116
Trailrest Mattress Reg 74.5x20.5 Regular, 74.5" x 20.5"
Mfg: 29110
SKU: 55115

Additional Sleeping Pads

Ltwt Series Air Pad - Reg Blue Alps Mountaineering
Ltwt Series Air Pad - Reg Blue
Mfg: 7151012
SKU: 59249
Foam Mat XL 625 Grey Alps Mountaineering
Foam Mat XL 625 Grey
Mfg: 7554011
SKU: 60278
Lightweight Air Pad Dbl Steel Blu Alps Mountaineering
Lightweight Air Pad Dbl Steel Blu
Mfg: 7751012
SKU: 60279
Eva Litemat, 2-Ply Chinook
Eva Litemat, 2-Ply
Mfg: 29003
SKU: 54330
EVA LiteMat, Large Chinook
EVA LiteMat, Large
Mfg: 29007
SKU: 55114

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Choosing the Best Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads are thin, foam or air-filled mats that are intended to provide protection under a sleeping bag. In general, sleeping pads serve two main purposes including to offer cushion from the ground and to offer insulation from cold. Choosing the best sleeping pad for your intended application, will help you to sleep more comfortably during the night and can improve your overall outdoor experience.

When buying a sleeping pad and determining which sleeping pad is best for you, you will need to consider a few main points.

  • Insulative Properties: Sleeping pads offer insulation by trapping and holding a layer of dead or non-circulating air between your body and the cold. As your body warms this air, it becomes a layer of insulation between you and the cold ground. Based on the design, construction, and materials used, some sleeping pads will offer better insulation than others. For camping during extreme winter conditions, many experts recommend using two pads, a self-inflating air pad on top of a closed cell foam sleeping pad, in order to offer maximum insulation from frozen ground.
  • Weight: Sleeping pads can vary in weight based on overall design and construction. Some newer sleeping pad models even utilize new technology and materials to reduce weight while improving functionality. If you plan on backpacking or carrying your gear when camping in the backwoods, you will want to look for models that are lightweight and roll into small, compact sizes.
  • Cushioning: Sleeping pads can offer a variety of cushioning or comfort levels, and determining the ideal cushioning is typically a matter of preference for each camper. Campers who prefer more comfort will want to choose sleeping pads such as air mattresses and thicker foam pads. Additionally, if you will be sleeping on hard or rocky terrain, you will probably want to buy a sleeping pad that offers additional cushion. However, because these sleeping pads add extra weight and bulk, this is a trade off that you will have to consider.
  • Size: If you are larger or move around a lot when you sleep, you may want to consider buying a sleeping pad that is oversized or extra long. On the other hand, smaller individuals should select small sleeping pads to cut down on bulk and weight. With some foam sleeping pads, smaller individuals can even cut excess length to make a sitting pad or to simply reduce excess weight.

Buy Discount Sleeping Pads

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of sleeping pads including a number of popular styles and models from leading outdoor manufacturers. Our discount sleeping pads include a variety of extra length models as well as popular self-inflating sleeping pads. With our discount sleeping pads and other camping and outdoor gear from leading manufacturers, you are sure to find the equipment that you need at prices that you can afford.

Our discount sleeping pads includes:

  • Foam Sleeping Pads
  • Self Inflating Sleeping Pads
  • Lightweight, Backpacking Sleeping Pads
  • Extra Length & Extra Size Sleeping Pads
  • Double Size Sleeping Pads
  • Inflatable Air Mattresses

Shop all of our discount hunting gear and camping equipment online today in order to find the products you need for your next outdoor trip at affordable prices.