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LED Flashlights: Discount Camping, Hunting, & Tactical Flashlights

Standard LED Flashlights & Accessories

Standard LED Flashlights

Tactical LED Flashlights

Tactical LED Flashlights

LED flashlights are durable and dependable flashlights that can be used for a variety of applications including around the home, when camping, during hunting trips, for survival exercises, in emergency situations, and during many other outdoor and indoor activities. An LED flashlight can be very compact in size and offers extended battery life, which makes it an extremely versatile tool. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a variety of LED flashlights in our complete selection of discount outdoor gear and equipment. Please browse our discount LED flashlights below or see our additional discount hunting gear and outdoor equipment that includes a variety of Lanterns and Streamlight Flashlights.

Standard LED Flashlights

Energizer e2 Lithium LED Flashlight

e2 Lithium LED Flashlight w/ 1AA
 w/ 1AA
Mfg: ELMCL11L SKU: 54909
Mfg: ELMCL21L SKU: 55312

Energizer Solar Light Series

Solar Carabiner Crank
 Caribinner Crank Light

Energizer Weather Ready Light

Weather Ready Carabiner Crank
 Carabineer Crank
Mfg: WRCKCCBP SKU: 55321

Maglite 2 Cell

2 D LED Blue
 D LED Blue
Mfg: ST2D116 SKU: 45394
 D LED Black
Mfg: ST2D016 SKU: 45390
 AA LED Black
Mfg: SP2201HJ SKU: 45380
 D LED Red
Mfg: ST2D036 SKU: 45391
 D LED Silver
Mfg: ST2D106 SKU: 45393
Mfg: SP2203H SKU: 45381
 D LED Gray Pewter
Mfg: ST2D096 SKU: 45392
 AA LED Silver
Mfg: SP2210H SKU: 45383
 AA LED Blue
Mfg: SP2211H SKU: 45384
 AA LED Gray Pewter
Mfg: SP2209H SKU: 45382

Maglite 3 Cell

3 D LED Red
 D LED Red
Mfg: ST3D036 SKU: 45396
 D LED Silver
Mfg: ST3D106 SKU: 45398
 D LED Gray Pewter
Mfg: ST3D096 SKU: 45397
 D LED Black
Mfg: ST3D016 SKU: 45395
 AA LED Black
Mfg: SP2301H SKU: 45385
 D LED Blue
Mfg: ST3D116 SKU: 45399

Maglite Belt Holder

D cell belt holder
 Plain Leather (D cell)
Mfg: ASXD036 SKU: 3582
 Plain Leather (C cell)
Mfg: ASXC046 SKU: 6331

Maglite ML100 2-Cell C LED

ML100 2-Cell C LED Dsply Box Blk
 Display Box Black
Mfg: S2015 SKU: 59330
 Blister Pack Black
Mfg: S2DX6 SKU: 59325
 Bliser Pack Blue
Mfg: S2DZ6 SKU: 59326
 Blister Pack Gray
Mfg: S2GU6 SKU: 59327
 Blister Pack Red
Mfg: S2DY6 SKU: 59328
 Blister Pack Silver
Mfg: S2GT6 SKU: 59329
 Display Box Blue
Mfg: S2DZ5 SKU: 59331
 Display Box Gray
Mfg: S2GU5 SKU: 59332
 Display Box Red
Mfg: S2DY5 SKU: 59333
 Display Box Silver
Mfg: S2GT5 SKU: 59334

Maglite Traffic Wand

Traffic Wand-Yellow
Mfg: ASXX08B SKU: 4524
Mfg: ASXX07B SKU: 3583
Mfg: ASXX508 SKU: 4490
Mfg: ASXX798 SKU: 23495

Maglite XL100 3-Cell AAA LED

XL100 3-Cell AAA LED Blstr Pk Blu
 Blister Pack, Blue
Mfg: S3116 SKU: 59346
 Blister Pack , Gray
Mfg: S3096 SKU: 59347
 Display Box, Blue
Mfg: S3117 SKU: 59351
 Display Box, Gray
Mfg: S3097 SKU: 59352
 Display Box, Red
Mfg: S3037 SKU: 59353
 Blister Pack Silver
Mfg: S3106 SKU: 59349
 Display Box Silver
Mfg: S3107 SKU: 59354

Maglite XL50 LED Light

XL50 Led Black-Blister
Mfg: S3016 SKU: 61103
Mfg: S3036 SKU: 61104

Primos Spotlight by Primos

ATV LED Spotlight
 ATV LED Spotlight
Mfg: 62384 SKU: 56597

Princeton Tec AMP 3.0

AMP 3.0, Black
Mfg: AMP3-BK SKU: 59366
 Neon Yellow
Mfg: AMP3-NY SKU: 59367

Princeton Tec Attitude Handheld

ATTITUDE - White LED Trans Yl/Grn
 Translucent Yellow/Green
Mfg: LED-4AAA-NY SKU: 45450
 Translucent Black
Mfg: LED-4AAA-BK SKU: 45449

Princeton Tec Corona

CORONA BIKE - White LED, Black
 Bike, White LED, Black
Mfg: CBK-BK SKU: 73108
 Bike, White LED, Green
Mfg: CBK-GR SKU: 73109

Princeton Tec EOS Headlamps

EOS BIKE - White LED, Black
 Bike, White LED, Black
Mfg: EOSR-BIKE SKU: 73106

Princeton Tec Impact XL Handheld

IMPACT-XL - White LED, Yellow
Mfg: IMPXL-NY SKU: 45448
Mfg: IMPXL-BK SKU: 45447
 White LED, Blue
Mfg: IMPXL-BL SKU: 72604

Princeton Tec Impulse

IMPULSE - Red LED, Black
 Black, Red LED
Mfg: IMP-3-BK SKU: 45445
 White LED, Purple
Mfg: IMP-1-PL SKU: 72600
 Solid Blue, with White LED
Mfg: IMP-1-SB SKU: 54785
 Blue LED, Black
Mfg: IMP-4-BL SKU: 72603
 Pink, with White LED
Mfg: IMP-1-PK SKU: 54784
 White LED, Solid Red
Mfg: IMP-1-SR SKU: 72601
 White LED, Solid Yellow
Mfg: IMP-1-YL SKU: 72602

Princeton Tec PUSH-Bike Light, White LED

PUSH - Bike - White LED, Titanium
Mfg: PSH-BK SKU: 73110
Mfg: PSH-BL SKU: 73105
Mfg: PSH-RD SKU: 73104

Umarex USA Walther CSL50 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Walt CSL50 RchrgbleLED Flshlt-Blk
Mfg: 2259000 SKU: 76168
Mfg: 2259001 SKU: 76169

Additional Standard LED Flashlights

Light,5087 Nghtskr+3D Blz Cap
Mfg: 3715087 SKU: 61768
2210 HI Power Pen Light
Mfg: 3712210 SKU: 75551
2215 Browing Light Pen
Mfg: 3712215 SKU: 75552
Light,5038 Getaway Combo Pk
Mfg: 3715038 SKU: 61767
4120 Spitfire 2AA
Mfg: 3714120 SKU: 61380
BrngLight Pen Combo/Pink
Mfg: 3712415 SKU: 73744
5299 Backcountry Combo
Mfg: 3715299 SKU: 61384
Renegade 5 LED, RWG, MOBU
Mfg: 3718141 SKU: 61390
Duck Call Lanyard Light
Mfg: 3712122 SKU: 55591
3392 Keychain Choke Tube Assort
Mfg: 3713392 SKU: 61379
V2 6 Chip Flashlight
Mfg: TT1006CP SKU: 51600
V2 Triplex
Mfg: TT7547CP SKU: 51603
LED High Tech Keychain Light
Mfg: HTKC2BUBP SKU: 59036
Trailfinder White LED Cap Light
Mfg: CAPW2BODE SKU: 55311
AAAA Pen Light
Mfg: PLED34AE SKU: 55318
Triple Beam 2AA Handheld
Mfg: EHH2AA3CE SKU: 59024
 Eureka! Closeouts
Niteguide 210 LED Torch
Mfg: 2640050 SKU: 54980
 Gerber Blades
Tempo Compact LED, Met. Gr. Cl
Mfg: 22-80107 SKU: 53867
 Gerber Blades
Omnivore Multi- Battery LED, Cl
Mfg: 22-80124 SKU: 49293
 Gerber Blades
Infinity UltraTask,Wht LED, Cl
Mfg: 22-80012 SKU: 14908
 Gerber Blades
Mongoose Multi-Colored LED, Cl
Mfg: 22-80125 SKU: 49294
Profiler II Hand Held Rechargable
Mfg: 8130 SKU: 62172
Mag-LED Box 2AA LED/Camo
Mfg: SP22MR7 SKU: 58188
Mag-LED Blister 3 Cell LED/Camo
Mfg: ST3DMR6 SKU: 58189
3 AA LED Blue
Mfg: SP2311HJ SKU: 60424
1910 LED Flashlight
Mfg: 1910-000-110 SKU: 74909
1920 LED Flashlight
Mfg: 1920-000-110 SKU: 74910
2360 LED
Mfg: 2360 SKU: 74905
1830 L4 LED, Black
Mfg: 1830-010-110 SKU: 53741
Mini Bloodhunter Plus
Mfg: 61106 SKU: 56588
 Princeton Tec
SWERVE - Bike - Wht LED, Red Lens
Mfg: SWERVE SKU: 73107
Red Nano Light
Mfg: 73005 SKU: 74804
Yellow Septor w/Elastic&Rubbr Str
Mfg: 61052 SKU: 37712
Streamlight Jr. LED
Mfg: 71500 SKU: 36670
BuckMasters/Tri/HP/Wht LEDs/RT Hw
Mfg: 61082 SKU: 62138
MicroStream Black
Mfg: 66318 SKU: 48321

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Tactical LED Flashlights

ASP Mirage Light

Mirage (White Crystal) ClearClear Mirage Light (White Crystal)
Mfg: 53801
SKU: 47715
Mirage (White Crystal) BlueBlue Mirage Light (White Crystal)
Mfg: 53803
SKU: 47717
Mirage (White Crystal) AmberAmber Mirage Light (White Crystal)
Mfg: 53802
SKU: 47716

ASP Tactical Baton

Tactical Triad LED Baton LightTactical Triad LED Baton Light
Mfg: 55601
SKU: 47541

ASP Tungsten LED

Tungsten LED 2 (2 Cell)Tungsten LED Lights (2 Cell)
Mfg: 35702
SKU: 47546

BlackHawk Products Group Night Ops Flashlight

Night Ops Xiphos NT WeaponMt LiteXiphos NT Weapon Mounted Light
Mfg: 75204BK
SKU: 47244
Night Ops Legacy X6 Xenon 6V BlkLegacy X6, 6V, Black
Mfg: 75FL001BK
SKU: 47245

Coast High Performance

High Performance P5P5
Mfg: HP8405
SKU: 51587

Energizer Military Light

Military 2AA LED Tactical Light2AA LED Tactical
Mfg: MIL2G21L
SKU: 59037
Military 1AA LED Helmet Light1AA LED Helmet
SKU: 59038

Energizer Night Strike Light

Night Strike 5-LED Swivel Light5-LED Swivel Light
Mfg: ENS2G21L
SKU: 59026
Night Strike 3AA Handheld Light3AA Handheld
SKU: 55314
Night Strike Compact LightCompact
SKU: 55315

Insight Technology M3X LED

M3X LED- lide-Lock, Pistol GlckSlide-Lock, Pistol, Glock
Mfg: M3X-700-A8
SKU: 62245
M3X LED-Slide-Lock,Pistol, 1913Slide-Lock, Pistol, 1913
Mfg: M3X-700-A3
SKU: 62242

Insight Technology M6X LED

M6X LED- lide-Lock, Pistol, 1913Slide-Lock, Pistol, 1913
Mfg: M6X-700-A3
SKU: 62256
M6X LED-Slide-Lock, Pistol, GlockSlide-Lock, Pistol, Glock
Mfg: M6X-700-A8
SKU: 62257

Insight Technology Tactical Light

M3M3 Tactical Illuminator
Mfg: GLL-001-A1
SKU: 45903

Leupold Multimode LED Bezel

MX-300 LED MultiMode Hunter BezelMX-300 Hunter
Mfg: 64580
SKU: 52237

Leupold MXc LED Flashlight

MXc-521 LED Multi Mode Flashlight521, Multi-Mode
Mfg: 59481
SKU: 56752
MXc-111 LED Flashlight 111
Mfg: 59950
SKU: 56756
MXc-321 LED Multi Mode Flashlight321, Multi-Mode
Mfg: 59925
SKU: 56755
MXc-421 LED Multi Mode Flashlight421, Multi-Mode
Mfg: 59480
SKU: 56751
MXc-621 LED Multi Mode Flashlight621, Multi-Mode
Mfg: 59485
SKU: 56753

NCStar LED Flashlight

Pistol/Rifle LED Flashlt Weav MtPistol/Rifle, with Weaver Mount
SKU: 59656
LED Flashlt For Trigger Guard Mtfits Trigger Guard Mount
SKU: 59651
Pistol/Rifle LED Light QR WeaverPistol/Rifle, with Quick Release Weaver Mount
SKU: 58640

NCStar Red Laser Sight

Red Laser Sight/3W Light Combowith 3W Light Combo
SKU: 58639

NCStar Scope Combo

Special Operations ComboSpecial Operations Combo
SKU: 61432

Nextorch myTorch

UnltdMd Rchrg, USB 10-200/FlshUnlimited Modes, Rechargeable, USB, 10' Car Adaptor, 200 Lumens
Mfg: 18650
SKU: 74424
UnltdMd 3AAA, USB 7-150/FlshUnlimited Modes, 3AAA Rechargeable, USB, 7' Adaptor, 150 Lumens
Mfg: 3AAA
SKU: 74426
UnltdMd 1AA, USB 4-70/FlshUnlimited Modes, 1AA Rechargeable, USB, 4' Adaptor, 70 Lumens
Mfg: AA
SKU: 74427
UnltdMd 2AA, USB 7-140/FlshUnlimited Modes, 2AA Rechargeable, USB, 7' Adaptor, 140 Lumens
Mfg: 2AA
SKU: 74425

NovaTac Classic LED

Classic LED, Gun MetalGun Metal
Mfg: 120CL-PT
SKU: 58289

NovaTac Every Day Carry LED

Every Day Carry LED, BlackBlack
Mfg: 120E-BK
SKU: 54490

NovaTac Every Day Carry LED, Gun Metal

Every Day Carry LED, Gun MetalGun Metal
Mfg: 120E-PT
SKU: 58284

NovaTac Remote Dual Tail Switch

Remote Dual Tail Switch, Dsrt TanDesert Tan
Mfg: RS-DT
SKU: 58293
Remote Dual Tail Switch, Gun MetlGun Metal
Mfg: RS-PT
SKU: 58292

NovaTac Special Ops LED

Special Ops LED, BlackBlack
Mfg: 120SO-BK
SKU: 54492

NovaTac Special Ops LED, Gun Metal

Special Ops LED, Gun MetalGun Metal
Mfg: 120SO-PT
SKU: 58290

Princeton Tec MPLS

MPLS - White LED, Olive DrabOlive Drab, with White LED
Mfg: MPLS-1-OD
SKU: 59372
MPLS - White LED, BlackBlack, with White LED
Mfg: MPLS-1-BK
SKU: 59371
MPLS - Blue LED, BlackBlue LED, Black
Mfg: MPLS-4-BK
SKU: 72607
MPLS - Green LED, BlackGreen LED, Black
Mfg: MPLS-2-BK
SKU: 72605
MPLS - Red LED, BlackRed LED, Black
Mfg: MPLS-3-BK
SKU: 72606

Princeton Tec Remix

REMIX-PRO - Green LED, BlackPro, Green LED, Black
Mfg: HYB123-GR-BK
SKU: 72596
REMIX-PRO - Red LED, BlackPro, Red LED, Black
Mfg: HYB123-RD-BK
SKU: 72597

Additional Tactical LED Flashlights

Wrist Strap CapASP
Wrist Strap Cap
Mfg: 52914
SKU: 5089
3310 Pro Hunter CrossfireBrowning
3310 Pro Hunter Crossfire
Mfg: 3713310
SKU: 75554
Power Chip Tactical LightCoast
Power Chip Tactical Light
Mfg: TT7736TSCP
SKU: 51607
Military LED Vest Light - 40 LumEnergizer
Military LED Vest Light - 40 Lum
SKU: 60132
Game Tracking Lgt-ClamGerber Blades
Game Tracking Lgt-Clam
Mfg: 31-000304
SKU: 60104
Expert-M LED, BoxGerber Blades
Expert-M LED, Box
Mfg: 22-80131
SKU: 52052
Recon-M II, BoxGerber Blades
Recon-M II, Box
Mfg: 22-80132
SKU: 52053
Expert-M Flashlight - ClamGerber Blades
Expert-M Flashlight - Clam
Mfg: 31-000498
SKU: 76624
Recon M II Flashlight - ClamGerber Blades
Recon M II Flashlight - Clam
Mfg: 31-000505
SKU: 76625
Recon Flashlight LED Blk Body ClmGerber Blades
Recon Flashlight LED Blk Body Clm
Mfg: 22-80016
SKU: 76603
HX 120, 1 Cell, BlackInsight Technology
HX 120, 1 Cell, Black
Mfg: HX120
SKU: 62231
HX 150, 2 Cell, BlackInsight Technology
HX 150, 2 Cell, Black
Mfg: HX150
SKU: 62232
HX 200, 3 Cell, BlackInsight Technology
HX 200, 3 Cell, Black
Mfg: HX200
SKU: 62233
M6 LED w/ laserInsight Technology
M6 LED w/ laser
Mfg: TLI-700-A1
SKU: 73704
WX 150, Rail-mounted LED, BlackInsight Technology
WX 150, Rail-mounted LED, Black
Mfg: WX150
SKU: 62294
X2 Sub-Compact, LEDInsight Technology
X2 Sub-Compact, LED
Mfg: MTV-700-A1
SKU: 62279
X2L Laser Sub-Compact, LEDInsight Technology
X2L Laser Sub-Compact, LED
Mfg: MTV-701-A1
SKU: 62280
MX-100 Xenon Flashlight Bezel Leupold
MX-100 Xenon Flashlight Bezel
Mfg: 64780
SKU: 52245
MX-231 LED Flashlight Leupold
MX-231 LED Flashlight
Mfg: 66465
SKU: 52233
MX-200 LED 80 Lumen BezelLeupold
MX-200 LED 80 Lumen Bezel
Mfg: 64570
SKU: 52231
MX-431 LED MultiMode FlashlightLeupold
MX-431 LED MultiMode Flashlight
Mfg: 66475
SKU: 52224
Flashlight Tact Side Mount 1 inch blkMako Group
Flashlight Tact Side Mount 1" Blk
Mfg: PLS1-B
SKU: 72975
Tactical Light 3W LED/Weaver RingNCStar
Tactical Light 3W LED/Weaver Ring
SKU: 58641
1AA 4/75/FlashNextorch
1AA 4/75/Flash
Mfg: X1
SKU: 74440
2AA 2 Swtch, Lnyrds 120lmNextorch
2AA 2 Swtch, Lnyrds 120lm
Mfg: TA2
SKU: 74438
2x18650 Rchrg/4xNT123A SST-50 SetNextorch
2x18650 Rchrg/4xNT123A SST-50 Set
Mfg: T12GSET
SKU: 74432
Submersible MagntcCtrlSwtch 75lmNextorch
Submersible MagntcCtrlSwtch 75lm
SKU: 74431
1AA 2 Swtch, Lnyrds 60lmNextorch
1AA 2 Swtch, Lnyrds 60lm
Mfg: TA1
SKU: 74437
6057F Fast Adapter (110V)Pelican
6057F Fast Adapter (110V)
Mfg: 6053-303-110
SKU: 61515
8060 Tactical LED Duty RechgblePelican
8060 Tactical LED Duty Rechgble
Mfg: 8060-001-110
SKU: 53755
7060 Tactical Lith Duty RechgblePelican
7060 Tactical Lith Duty Rechgble
Mfg: 7060-001-110
SKU: 53754
2390 Tactical M6 3W LEDPelican
2390 Tactical M6 3W LED
Mfg: 2390-000-110
SKU: 53748
3330 Tactical PM6 LEDPelican
3330 Tactical PM6 LED
Mfg: 3330-010-110
SKU: 53753
Scorpion XL. BlisterStreamlight
Scorpion XL. Blister
Mfg: 85011
SKU: 61519
Argo HP - Luxeon LED HeadlampStreamlight
Argo HP - Luxeon LED Headlamp
Mfg: 61302
SKU: 39430
Junior Luxeon ReachStreamlight
Junior Luxeon Reach
Mfg: 71600
SKU: 43051
M16/AR15 Rail (TL, SuperTac, TLR)Streamlight
M16/AR15 Rail (TL, SuperTac, TLR)
Mfg: 69902
SKU: 50645
Stylus Glare GuardStreamlight
Stylus Glare Guard
Mfg: 65031
SKU: 44299
NightFighter? XL. BlisterStreamlight
NightFighter? XL. Blister
Mfg: 88008
SKU: 61520
TL-2? XL. BlisterStreamlight
TL-2? XL. Blister
Mfg: 88119
SKU: 61518
Contoured remoteStreamlight
Contoured remote
Mfg: 69300
SKU: 61524
Tailcap for Poly StingerStreamlight
Tailcap for Poly Stinger
Mfg: 760057
SKU: 8464
Low Profile Mount (TL Series)Streamlight
Low Profile Mount (TL Series)
Mfg: 88118
SKU: 74811
Mfg: 75909
SKU: 72645
Mag Tube Rail (TL, SuperTac, TLR)Streamlight
Mag Tube Rail (TL, SuperTac, TLR)
Mfg: 69901
SKU: 50644
Argo w/alkaline batteries, RubberStreamlight
Argo w/alkaline batteries, Rubber
Mfg: 61301
SKU: 74218
PolyStinger LED Tail CapStreamlight
PolyStinger LED Tail Cap
Mfg: 76102
SKU: 74832
Rail Mount (TL2/3/2LED/3LED)Streamlight
Rail Mount (TL2/3/2LED/3LED)
Mfg: 69100
SKU: 44296
TLR Key Kit (Glk/S&W/1913)Streamlight
TLR Key Kit (Glk/S&W/1913)
Mfg: 69175
SKU: 44292
Lithium Batteries 400 packStreamlight
Lithium Batteries 400 pack
Mfg: 85179
SKU: 75577
Mag Tube Rail (TL Series)Streamlight
Mag Tube Rail (TL Series)
Mfg: 69903
SKU: 44295
TLR-1 StrobeStreamlight
TLR-1 Strobe
Mfg: 69210
SKU: 55709
TLR-2 StrobeStreamlight
TLR-2 Strobe
Mfg: 69230
SKU: 55710
Mfg: 69220
SKU: 53016
WLS 1000 Compact Lite SystemTacStar Industries
WLS 1000 Compact Lite System
Mfg: 1081034
SKU: 10350
Walt RBL800 TactLED 176lum-BlkUmarex USA
Walt RBL800 TactLED 176lum-Blk
Mfg: 2259025
SKU: 76171
Walther TacticalPro FlashLght BlkUmarex USA
Walther TacticalPro FlashLght Blk
Mfg: 2259015
SKU: 60793

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Advantages of Buying an LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight can be the perfect tool for a variety of situations. From backwoods camping and hunting to everyday uses and even emergency situations, LED flashlights are a reliable and durable lighting option. Many LED flashlights are extremely compact, making them easy to carry in a pocket or pack as well as to store in an emergency kit. Additionally, because an LED flashlight is more efficient to operate than a traditional flashlight, it will offer a longer battery life on a single set of batteries. Because of the many advantages that LED flashlights have over standard, incandescent flashlights, they have become the preferred choice for many hunters, survivalists, campers, and outdoorsmen.

An LED flashlight is:

  • Environmentally Friendly: LED flashlights use less power to operate than standard incandescent bulb flashlights, and therefore, they will use fewer batteries than traditional flashlights. This is more environmentally friendly than traditional flashlights as batteries can release harmful chemicals when not properly disposed of.
  • Dependable: Because an LED blub requires less energy than standard flashlight bulbs, an LED flashlight will offer a longer battery life than the traditional flashlight, which means that you can depend on an LED flashlight to work every time you need it. Because one set of batteries can last for up to hundreds of hours in an LED flashlight, you can also rely on fewer spare batteries even on long camping, hunting, and other outdoor trips.
  • Consistently Bright: Many LED flashlights utilize a combination of several LED bulbs and special reflectors in order to increase light output. Therefore, most LED flashlights are just as bright as, or even brighter than traditional flashlights.
  • Affordable: Because the bulb and batteries in LED flashlights will last for hundreds of hours, they are more affordable in the long term than traditional flashlights, which require frequent replacement of bulbs or batteries as they wear out.
  • Durable: LED bulbs are much more durable than incandescent bulbs, which offers resilience if dropped or bumped. Additionally, many LED flashlights are also available with shockproof and waterproof cases for added durability in tough situations.
  • Compact: Because LED bulbs are very small and they can operate using smaller batteries, LED flashlights can be very compact and easy to carry in a pocket or a bag. Many compact LED flashlights can even be clipped onto a keychain, belt, or backpack for easy access.

Buy Discount LED Flashlights

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of outdoor gear and equipment from leading manufacturers at affordable discount prices. With our discount hunting gear and outdoor equipment, any hunter, survivalist, or outdoor enthusiast can find the equipment they need that fits their needs and budget.

Our selection of LED flashlights includes popular styles and models from leading manufacturers. This includes:

  • Browning LED Flashlights
  • Energizer LED Flashlights
  • Gerber Blades LED Flashlights
  • Maglite LED Flashlights
  • Princeton Tech LED Flashlights
  • Streamlight LED Flashlights