Kershaw Knives: Discount Ken Onion & Kershaw Folding or Fixed Blade Knives

Kershaw knives and tools are trusted for their ability to offer high quality and consistent performance in nearly any situation. There are a variety of types and styles of Kershaw knives available including folding blade Kershaw knives, fixed blade Kershaw knives, Kershaw fillet knives, and Kershaw tools. Kershaw knives and tools are ideal for a variety of every day, survival, and outdoor situations including during hunting, camping, and fishing trips. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of Kershaw knives at affordable discount prices including a variety of popular Kershaw Ken Onion knives. Please shop our selection of discount Kershaw knives and tools to find the knives and tools that best fit your needs.

Kershaw Fixed Blade Knives

Kershaw Blade Trader

Hunter's Blade Trader - Clam Hunter's
Mfg: 1094HBTX
SKU: 22127
Sportsman's Blade Trader - Clam Sportsman's
Mfg: 1095SBTX
SKU: 22130

Kershaw Finger Gut Hook

Zip-it Orange Orange
Mfg: 2520ORX
SKU: 52818

Kershaw Pure Komachi 2

PK 2 Tomato/Cheese Knife (Red) Tomato/Cheese Knife (Red)
Mfg: AB2204
SKU: 56444
PK 2 Hollow Grnd Santoku,Purple 2 Hollow Ground Santoku,Purple 2
Mfg: AB5064
SKU: 56450
PK 2 Bread Knife (Orange 1) Bread Knife (Orange 1)
Mfg: AB5062
SKU: 56448
PK 2 Bagel/Sandwich (Purple 1) Bagel/Sandwich (Purple 1)
Mfg: AB5063
SKU: 56449
PK 2 Santoku/Asian Chef's (Pink) Santoku/Asian Chef's Knife (Pink)
Mfg: AB5038
SKU: 56445
PK 2 Small Fish Knife (Blue 1) Small Fish Knife (Blue 1)
Mfg: AB5060
SKU: 56446
PK 2 Paring Knife w/Sheath Green Paring Knife w/Sheath Green
Mfg: AB5068
SKU: 56454
PK 2 Slicing Knife 9 inch (purple 4) Slicing Knife 9" (Purple 4)
Mfg: AB5067
SKU: 56453

Kershaw Responder

Responder Yellow Yellow
Mfg: 1078YL
SKU: 42044
Responder Black
Mfg: 1078
SKU: 42043

Additional Kershaw Fixed Blade Knives

Sea Hunter with Diver's Sheath Kershaw
Sea Hunter with Diver's Sheath
Mfg: 1008
SKU: 50057
Roughneck - Fixed Blade Hunter Kershaw
Roughneck - Fixed Blade Hunter
Mfg: 1010
SKU: 20532
Mfg: 9920-3
SKU: 56433
Antelope Hunter II - Fixed Blade Kershaw
Antelope Hunter II - Fixed Blade
Mfg: 1028
SKU: 50061
Antelope Hunter II - Orange Kershaw
Antelope Hunter II - Orange
Mfg: 1028OR
SKU: 52828
7 Piece Kitchen Block Set Kershaw
7 Piece Kitchen Block Set
Mfg: 9900-7
SKU: 56429
Bear Hunter II - Fixed Blade Kershaw
Bear Hunter II - Fixed Blade
Mfg: 1029
SKU: 50062
Whiplash Kershaw
Mfg: 4355
SKU: 52824
Mfg: 9922-7
SKU: 56436
Amphibian - Kydex Sheath Kershaw
Amphibian - Kydex Sheath
Mfg: 1006K
SKU: 50055
Military - Fixed Blade Kershaw
Military - Fixed Blade
Mfg: 4351
SKU: 42068
Sea Hunter/Blunt-Tip Blade w/Shth Kershaw
Sea Hunter/Blunt-Tip Blade w/Shth
Mfg: 1008BL-P
SKU: 50058

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Kershaw Folding Knives

Kershaw Black Horse II , Lockback

Black Horse II - Lockback Camo Camo
Mfg: 1060RT
SKU: 79477
Black Horse II - Lockback Folder Black
Mfg: 1060
SKU: 79476

Kershaw Blur

Blur - Black Black
Mfg: 1670BLK
SKU: 31224
Tactical Blur Tanto/Serrated Tactical Blur
Mfg: 1670TBLKST
SKU: 36557
Blur Black Serrated Black Serrated Blade
Mfg: 1670BLKST
SKU: 21692
Blur - Red Red
Mfg: 1670RD
SKU: 31239
Blur - S30V Steel S30V Steel
Mfg: 1670S30V
SKU: 46974

Kershaw Chill

Chill Combo Combo
Mfg: 3410ST
SKU: 55031
Chill Fine Edge
Mfg: 3410
SKU: 55030

Kershaw Chive

Ken Onion Chive Clam Clam Pack
Mfg: 1600X
SKU: 47292
Ken Onion - Chive Boxed Chive
Mfg: 1600
SKU: 9924
Ken Onion Pink Chive Pink
Mfg: 1600PINKX
SKU: 40329
Ken Onion Chive w/Boron Carbide Chive w/Boron Carbide Finish
Mfg: 1600BLK
SKU: 9925
Ken Onion Chive w/High Polish Chive w/High Polish Finish
Mfg: 1600SS
SKU: 9926
Rainbow Chive Rainbow
Mfg: 1600VIB
SKU: 36552

Kershaw Corral Creek

Corral Creek Sheepsfoot Blade Sheepsfoot Blade
Mfg: 3115BT
SKU: 56426
Corral Creek – Box Clip Point
Mfg: 3115
SKU: 56425

Kershaw D.W.O. Classic

D.W.O. Classic Or Lockback Folder Orange Lockback Folder
Mfg: 3000OR
SKU: 50094
D.W.O. Classic-Pink Pink
Mfg: 3000PINK
SKU: 52816
D.W.O Classic Red Lockback Folder Red Lockback Folder
Mfg: 3000RD
SKU: 50095

Kershaw Junkyard Dog

JYD II Composite Blade II, Composite Blade
Mfg: 1725CB
SKU: 50081

Kershaw Leek

Ken Onion Leek Clam Stainles Steel
Mfg: 1660X
SKU: 47297
Ken Onion - Leek Boxed Leek
Mfg: 1660
SKU: 9953
Leek Black Black
Mfg: 1660CKT
SKU: 21686
Pink Leek Pink
Mfg: 1660PINK
SKU: 46971
Ken Onion - Leek Serrated Partially Serrated
Mfg: 1660ST
SKU: 9955
Leek Black Serrated Black Serrated
Mfg: 1660CKTST
SKU: 21688
Aluminum Leek - Smoke Black/Blue Smoke Black/Blue
Mfg: 1660BB
SKU: 36555
Leek Composite Blade Composite Blade
Mfg: 1660CB
SKU: 50078
Leek G10 G10
Mfg: 1660G10
SKU: 42060
Rainbow Leek Rainbow
Mfg: 1660VIB
SKU: 31159
Rainbow Leek Serrated Rainbow, Serrated
Mfg: 1660VIBST
SKU: 46973
Random Leek Random
Mfg: 1660TGRYST
SKU: 46972

Kershaw Lockback Folder

Indian Ford Lockback Folder Indian Ford
Mfg: 2155
SKU: 46982
Squaw Creek Lockback Folder Squaw Creek
Mfg: 2150
SKU: 46981
Lockback Folder Stainless Stainless, 3 inch
Mfg: 5200S
SKU: 50105

Kershaw Northside Knife

Northside Guthook GutHooka
Mfg: 1090GH
SKU: 46966
Northside Folder Folder
Mfg: 1090
SKU: 46965

Kershaw Pocket Knives

DWO Classic Black - Lockbk Folder DWO Classic Black
Mfg: 3000
SKU: 20545

KerKershaw RAM

Ram Black Serrated Black Serrated
Mfg: 1910CKTST
SKU: 52823

Kershaw Scallion

Scallion - Aluminum Blue Boxed Aluminum Blue
Mfg: 1620BL
SKU: 30683
Ken Onion Scallion Clam Black
Mfg: 1620X
SKU: 47293
Scallion - Camo Camo
Mfg: 1620C
SKU: 21674
Ken Onion - Scallion Serrated Box Black Serrated
Mfg: 1620ST
SKU: 9929
Scallion Frame Lock Serr Serrated Edge, Frame Lock
Mfg: 1620FLST
SKU: 50076
Ken Onion Scallion Serrated Clam Serrated
Mfg: 1620STX
SKU: 47294
Scallion Aluminum Blue Clam Aluminum Blue
Mfg: 1620BLX
SKU: 47295
Scallion - Aluminum Red Aluminum Red
Mfg: 1620RD
SKU: 28882
Scallion Pink Pink
Mfg: 1620PINK
SKU: 52822
Ken Onion - Scallion Boxed Black
Mfg: 1620
SKU: 9928
Rainbow Scallion Rainbow
Mfg: 1620VIB
SKU: 50077
Scallion - Aluminum Green Aluminum Green
Mfg: 1620GRN
SKU: 30684
Scallion Frame Lock Fine Edge, Frame Lock
Mfg: 1620FL
SKU: 50075

Kershaw Scamp

Scamp Combo Combo
Mfg: 2710ST
SKU: 55029

Kershaw Shallot

Shallot Black Black
Mfg: 1840CKT
SKU: 50084
Shallot Serrated Serrated Blade
Mfg: 1840ST
SKU: 48508
Shallot Straight Blade
Mfg: 1840
SKU: 48507
Shallot Black Serrated Black Serrated
Mfg: 1840CKTST
SKU: 50085

Kershaw Silver Spur

Silver Spur II - Lockback Folder II, Lockback Folder
Mfg: 2825
SKU: 50092
Silver Spur - Lockback Folder Lockback Folder
Mfg: 2800
SKU: 50091

KerKershaw Tactical Folder

Ken Onion Whirlwind 40% Serrated Whirlwind, Partially Serrated
Mfg: 1560ST
SKU: 9920
Ken Onion Blackout Serrated Boxed Blackout, Partially Serrated
Mfg: 1550ST
SKU: 9893
Ken Onion Blackout Clam Blackout
Mfg: 1550X
SKU: 47289
Ken Onion Blackout Serrated Clam Blackout, Serrated
Mfg: 1550STX
SKU: 47290
Ken Onion Blackout - Boxed Blackout
Mfg: 1550
SKU: 9892
Ken Onion Whirlwind Clam Whirlwind
Mfg: 1560X
SKU: 47291
Ken Onion - Whirlwind Boxed Whirlwind
Mfg: 1560
SKU: 9919

KerKershaw Two Can

Two Can Aluminum Red Aluminum Red
Mfg: 1001RD
SKU: 42038
Two Can Two Can
Mfg: 1001
SKU: 42035
Two Can Aluminum Blue Aluminum Blue
Mfg: 1001BL
SKU: 42036

Kershaw Vapor III

Vapor III Serr Serrated
Mfg: 1655ST
SKU: 79512
Vapor III Fine Edge
Mfg: 1655
SKU: 79508

Kershaw Zing

Zing-Tango Combo Box Tango Combo
Mfg: 1735TST
SKU: 55026
Zing-Tango Tango
Mfg: 1735T
SKU: 55025

Additional Kershaw Folding Knives

Chill Clm Kershaw
Chill Clm
Mfg: 3410X
SKU: 79694
DWO Classic - Blk Lockback - Clam Kershaw
DWO Classic - Blk Lockback - Clam
Mfg: 3000X
SKU: 79537
Grant County - Lockback Folder Kershaw
Grant County - Lockback Folder
Mfg: 3100
SKU: 50096
Whiskey Gap - Lockback Folder Kershaw
Whiskey Gap - Lockback Folder
Mfg: 4100
SKU: 50100
Black Gulch – Box Kershaw
Black Gulch – Box
Mfg: 3120
SKU: 56427
OD-2 Kershaw
Mfg: 1770X
SKU: 52825
Skyline Kershaw
Mfg: 1760
SKU: 50082
Ken Onion Needs Work Kershaw
Ken Onion Needs Work
Mfg: 1820
SKU: 40324
Black Horse II Camo – Box Kershaw
Black Horse II Camo – Box
Mfg: 1060RT
SKU: 56422
Groove Kershaw
Mfg: 1730
SKU: 40325
Double Duty - 2 Blade Folder Kershaw
Double Duty - 2 Blade Folder
Mfg: 4390
SKU: 50103
Black Colt II - Lockback Folder Kershaw
Black Colt II - Lockback Folder
Mfg: 1045
SKU: 56421
Tanto Groove Kershaw
Tanto Groove
Mfg: 1730TBLK
SKU: 48510
Wildcat Ridge – Box Kershaw
Wildcat Ridge – Box
Mfg: 3140
SKU: 56428
Half Ton Kershaw
Half Ton
Mfg: 1445
SKU: 55024
Wild Turkey - Lockback Folder Kershaw
Wild Turkey - Lockback Folder
Mfg: 4150
SKU: 50101
OD-1 Kershaw
Mfg: 1775
SKU: 52821
Oso Sweet Kershaw
Oso Sweet
Mfg: 1830
SKU: 50083
Salvo-Serrated – Box Kershaw
Salvo-Serrated – Box
Mfg: 2445ST
SKU: 56424
Nerve Kershaw
Mfg: 3420
SKU: 55032
Ripcord Kershaw
Mfg: 3200
SKU: 42066

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Kershaw Axes, Saws, Shears

Kershaw Shears

Taskmaster Shears - Blister Taskmaster
Mfg: 1120X
SKU: 42045

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Kershaw Fishing Knives

Kershaw Fillet Knives

7 inch fillet knife - clam 7" Clam Pack
Mfg: 1257X
SKU: 39609
Clearwater Fillet Knife - 7 inch box 7" Box
Mfg: 1257
SKU: 9888
9 inch fillet knife - clam 9"
Mfg: 1259X
SKU: 39608
Fillet 6 inch clam 6"
Mfg: 1250X
SKU: 46968
Folding Fillet 6 inch clam Folding, 6"
Mfg: 1256X
SKU: 47284

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Kershaw Multi-Purpose Tools

Kershaw Carabiner Tool

Carabiner Tool Red Red
Mfg: 1004RDX
SKU: 42040

Kershaw Zip-It Gut-Hook

Zip-It Gut-Hook Black - Clam Black
Mfg: 2520X
SKU: 50088

AddAdditional Kershaw Multi-Purpose Tools

Camp Ax - Molded Sheath - Clam Kershaw
Camp Ax - Molded Sheath - Clam
Mfg: 1018X
SKU: 50059
Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener Kershaw
Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener
Mfg: 2535
SKU: 50089
SkeeterII Fly Tying Scissors Clam Kershaw
SkeeterII Fly Tying Scissors Clam
Mfg: 1215X
SKU: 50072
Mini Biner, Black Kershaw
Mini Biner, Black
Mfg: 1002X
SKU: 52831
Skeeter Fly Tying Scissors - Clam Kershaw
Skeeter Fly Tying Scissors - Clam
Mfg: 1210X
SKU: 50071
Camp Tool Trader Blow Mold Case Kershaw
Camp Tool Trader Blow Mold Case
Mfg: 1091CT
SKU: 50068
Fire Starter - Clam Kershaw
Fire Starter - Clam
Mfg: 1019X
SKU: 50060

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KerKershaw Knife Sharpeners

Auto-Tex Sharpener Kershaw
Auto-Tex Sharpener
Mfg: 2530X
SKU: 52830

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Our Popular Kershaw Knives

Many of the popular Kershaw knives are developed through partnerships with custom knife makers, engineers, and outdoorsmen. These knives include the well-known, Ken Onion knives that are known for meeting the highest standards of performance and quality. Each of these Kershaw knifes and tools utilize the latest technology and innovations resulting in a final product that is superior to many other knives on the market.

Some of the modern technologies that are utilized in popular Kershaw knives include:

  • Innovative and Secure Locking Technology: Kershaw knives utilize the inset liner lock or sub-frame lock technology to create a secure locking frame on any Kershaw folding knives. The inset liner lock allows for a slimmer knife design, while still providing the strength and security of a locking liner, and the sub-frame lock integrates a sturdy locking frame into lightweight handles to create durable, larger knives that are still light enough to carry every day.
  • SpeedSafe Opening: The SpeedSafe opening system is a technology unique to Kershaw knives. This technology is included on most of the best selling Kershaw folding knives as it allows you to quickly, easy, safely, and smoothly open a knife using only one hand with a manual push on the blade's thumb stud or pull back on the blade protrusion.
  • Tip Safety Lock: The tip safety lock is available on most of the Ken Onion Kershaw Knives and this provides added security in order to ensure that a SpeedSafe blade will not deploy while clipped in to your pocket.
  • Full Tang Construction: Many of the fixed blade Kershaw knives offer full tang construction, which provides the added durability and strength you desire in a fixed blade knife.

There are a number of popular Kershaw knives that have become known by name because of their ability to offer reliable performance time after time. These popular Kershaw knives and tools include the:

  • Kershaw Leek Knives
  • Kershaw Scallion Knives
  • Kershaw Shallot Knives
  • Kershaw Ripcord Knives
  • Kershaw Blur Knives
  • Kershaw RAM Knives
  • Kershaw Skyline Knives

Shop our Discount Kershaw Knives

Our selection of Kershaw knives and tools includes some of the most popular Kershaw knife models. With our complete selection of Kershaw knives, you can easily find the knives and tools that you need for any occasion.

Our discount Kershaw knives and tools that are available online include:

  • Kershaw Axes, Saws, & Shears
  • Kershaw Fishing Knives
  • Kershaw Fixed Blade Knives
  • Kershaw Folding & Lock Back Knives
  • Kershaw Multi-Purpose Tools & Knives
  • Kershaw Knife Sharpeners

Shop our complete selection of Kershaw knives from our online discount hunting gear and outdoor supply store to find the knives and tools to best meet your needs.