Hunter Safety Classes, Guided Hunts, & More

United Sportsmen's Store is owned and operated by the owners at Rock Hollow Conservation Club, a premier upland bird hunting club located in northern Illinois. As fellow outdoorsmen and avid hunters, we believe that safety should be a top priority for every hunter. Therefore, we offer a variety of hunter safety classes and beginner's shooting training courses for adults and children. We also operate a youth foundation through which we provide hunter safety classes and guided hunting trips for children. Finally, we offer a variety of guided hunting trips at our Illinois hunting club and to other popular big game and upland bird hunting destinations for beginners and experienced hunters.

With over 30 years of personal experience and three generations of wing shooting experience, we can provide hunter safety classes and education to help anyone become a better and safer hunter as well as to help individuals get more out of their hunts. To learn more about our hunter safety classes in Illinois or to find out more about our hunting club, please contact our discount hunting store and Illinois hunting club today.

Our Hunter Safety Classes

As a premiere upland bird hunting club in northern Illinois, safety and responsible hunting is a priority for us. We offer a variety of hunter safety classes for individuals who are new to hunting including youth, women, and men. We also offer a variety of beginner shooting classes as well. For more experienced shooters and outdoorsmen who already understand the basics taught in a beginner's hunter safety class, we also offer more advanced marksmanship classes and survival classes as well.

Our available individual and small group hunter safety classes include:

  • Gun Safety Courses and Marksmanship Classes
  • Survival Classes
  • Beginner Shooting Instruction & Training
  • Continental Hunts

Each of these hunter safety classes and training courses is offered at our northern Illinois hunting club. This hunting club is located in Freeport, IL, which is a short drive from Rockford, Moline, Chicago, Madison, Springfield, and St. Louis. We have over 400 huntable acres and approximately 20 fields available for hunting on this property. Our club and all of our hunter safety classes are open to the public. We also offer family membership rates as well.

To learn more about our hunter safety classes, please contact us today.

Children's Hunter Safety Classes & Guided Hunts

In addition to operating an Illinois hunting club, we also operate the United Sportsmen's Youth Foundation (USYF), which is a charitable organization dedicated to providing children with a hands on chance to learn about the outdoors. This organization works to preserve the outdoor habitat for kids and future generations, teach children that personal involvement can impact wildlife and habitat, and offer children an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors through safe, responsible use.

Through this foundation, our primary mission is to enable as many youth as possible to have the opportunity to experienced one of our guided youth hunting trips at our Illinois hunting club. Additionally, with all of the USYF efforts, we make safety a top priority. Therefore, we emphasize gun and hunting safety with all children. We offer hunter safety classes as part of our youth program to ensure that children are able to safely enjoy their hunting and outdoor experiences.

Guided Hunts for Adults & Families

For those that are new to pheasant hunting, we not only offer our hunter safety classes, but we also offer guided hunting trips at our Illinois hunting club to help you become familiar with and learn the skills of pheasant hunting. These guided hunting trips will teach hunters some necessary aspects of hunter safety training. They provide a professional dog and handler as well as access to top quality wild birds in a friendly atmosphere.

We also offer guided hunting trips for big game and upland bird hunts across the United States and to international destinations. This includes in Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Montana, Colorado, and the Dakotas. To learn more about any of our guided hunts and hunter safety classes, please contact our discount hunting store & hunting club today.

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