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At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of discount hunting gear and camping equipment for all of your outdoor needs. Please shop our complete selection of discount camping equipment, firearms, air guns, crossbows, trail cameras, air mattresses, sleeping pads, knives, and more available at affordable prices in order to find the discount hunting gear to fit your needs and your budget.

More about Our Discount Hunting Gear and Illinois Hunting Business

As a leading online sporting goods store, we sell a complete selection of discount hunting gear and camping equipment at affordable prices. Our discount hunting gear includes equipment and accessories for those of all skill and experience levels as well as individuals on a tight budget. With our complete selection of discount hunting gear both beginners and experts can find the high quality gear that will stand up to their demanding lifestyle.

In addition to selling a complete selection of discount hunting gear and camping equipment online, we also offer a number of hunting services from our Illinois hunting property. This includes offering hunter and outdoor education classes for children and adults and organized hunting trips on our land in northern Illinois. To learn more about our hunter safety classes or our Illinois hunting trips, please feel free to contact our discount hunting store directly.

Finally, we also offer breeding and training services for hunting dogs as well.

Our Discount Hunting Gear & Equipment Available Online

The complete selection of discount hunting gear and outdoor equipment that we sell through our online hunting store includes:

  • Lanterns: We sell kerosene, propane, and battery powered lanterns for both indoor and outdoor use when camping and hunting or during emergency situations.
  • Streamlight Flashlights: Streamlight flashlights are ideal for hunting, camping, and outdoor applications, as well as for professional and everyday use.
  • LED Flashlights: LED flashlights are bright flashlights that offer long battery life, making them perfect for outdoor use and everyday applications.
  • Air Guns: We sell a complete selection of air guns including air rifles and air pistols for air gun hunting and target shooting.
  • Air Gun Equipment: Our air gun equipment includes air cylinders, pellets, and BBs as well as other replacement air gun parts and accessories.
  • Crossbows: We sell crossbows and crossbow accessories from leading crossbow manufactures as part of our discount hunting gear.
  • Horton Crossbows: Horton crossbows are superior crossbows that offer the accuracy and power that crossbow hunters desire. Our discount Horton crossbows include many of the most popular models at affordable prices.
  • Trail Cameras: We sell a complete range of trail cameras at affordable prices as part of our discount hunting gear and equipment.
  • Moultrie Game Cameras: Moultrie game cameras are some of the most popular trail cameras and are an important piece of hunting gear for many hunters.
  • Air Mattresses: Our discount air mattresses are ideal for use at home and when traveling or camping.
  • Sleeping Pads: Sleeping pads and mattresses are important for any outdoor enthusiast or sportsman during camping and overnight hunting trips.
  • Hammocks: We sell a variety of styles of portable hammocks for camping and other outdoor applications.
  • Gerber Knives: Our selection of discount hunting gear includes many popular Gerber knives and tools for hunting, outdoor, and everyday applications.
  • Kershaw Knives: We sell a variety of Kershaw knives and tools for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and sportsmen.
  • Backpacks: We sell a variety of backpacks including smaller daypacks and large internal frame or external frame backpacks.
  • Camouflage Clothing: We sell a complete selection of camouflage clothing and women's camouflage clothing including pants, coats, jackets, vests, shirts, hats, and gloves for hunting and other outdoor applications.
  • Ladies Hunting Apparel & Accessories: We understand that women make up a significant portion of the hunting and outdoor sports market, and so we sell a complete variety of ladies hunting apparel and other discount hunting gear that is specifically designed for women.
  • Wool Clothing: Wool clothing offers excellent warmth and insulation for hunting and other outdoor activities. We sell a variety of types of wool clothing including shirts, sweaters, pants, socks, hats, and more.
  • Left Handed Rifles: We sell a complete selection of left handed rifles that are specifically designed to meet the needs of left handed shooters and hunters.
  • AR-15: The AR-15 is a popular rifle among many hunters, shooting enthusiasts, and competition shooters. Therefore, as part of our discount hunting gear, we sell AR-15 rifles and a variety of AR-15 parts and accessories.

To learn more about any of our discount hunting gear or for help finding and selecting the products that are best for you, please contact us at our discount hunting store.