Backpacks: Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, and Outdoor Packs & Bags

Backpacks are useful for carrying your important gear and equipment when hunting, hiking, camping, or backpacking. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of discount hunting gear and outdoor equipment, which includes a variety of types and styles of backpacks including daypacks, tactical backpacks, internal frame backpacks, external frame backpacks, and waistpacks. Please shop our discount backpacks and backpack accessories below to find the best bag or pack to fit your needs.

External Frame Backpacks

Red Rock Rust 2050 cu in Alps Mountaineering
Red Rock Rust 2050 cu in
Zion Olive 3900 cu in Alps Mountaineering
Zion Olive 3900 cu in
Bryce Alps Mountaineering

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Internal Frame Backpacks

Alps Mountaineering Cascade Backpack

Cascade 5200 Olive 5200 cu in 5200, Olive
Cascade 4200 Rust 4200 cu in 4200, rust

Alps Mountaineering Denali Backpack

Denali 5500 Olive 5500, Olive
Denali 4500 Blue 4500, Blue

Additional Internal Frame Backpacks

Solitude Plus Blue 3100 cu in Alps Mountaineering
Solitude Plus Blue 3100 cu in
Red Tail Alps Mountaineering
Red Tail
Journey 75, Blue Chinook
Journey 75, Blue
Shasta 75, Blue Chinook
Shasta 75, Blue
Rainier 75, Black Chinook
Rainier 75, Black
Vector 75, Black Chinook
Vector 75, Black
Quickhaul Mid-size Int. Frame Mountain Trails
Quickhaul Mid-size Int. Frame
Mistral Rokk
Wind River Rokk
Wind River
Willow-75L Internal Frame Graphit Stansport
Willow-75L Internal Frame Graphite

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Daypack Backpacks

NCStar Tactical Back Pack


NCStar Tactical Backpack

Tactical Backpack, Digital Digital
Tactical Backpack, Black Black

Additional Daypacks

3 Day Assault Backpack - Black BlackHawk Group
3 Day Assault Backpack - Black
Chemun Portage Pack, Green/Black Chinook
Chemun Portage Pack, Green/Black
Phantom 45, Black Chinook
Phantom 45, Black
Boulder 45 (Black) Chinook
Boulder 45 (Black)
Sidekick Daypack Mountain Trails
Sidekick Daypack
Bristlecone Rokk

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Hydration Backpacks

Tidal Rave Hydration Pk 100oz Black BlackHawk Group
Tidal Rave Hydration Pk 100oz Blk
Revive Hydration Pack Mountain Trails
Revive Hydration Pack

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Ultimate Direction Access

Access Pink Pink
Access Black Black
Access Fern Fern
Access Fiesta Fiesta
Access Vivid Blue Vivid Blue
Access Baja Blue Baja Blue
Access Chilli Pepper Chilli Pepper
Access Cyan Cyan
Access Spectra Specta

Additional Waistpacks

Trail Lite - Waist Pack Mountain Trails
Trail Lite - Waist Pack
Katoa Black Solid Ultimate Direction
Katoa Black Solid
Naviti Black Solid Ultimate Direction
Naviti Black Solid
All Purpose belt pouch, Black Uncle Mikes
All Purpose belt pouch, Black
Whistlestop Wenzel

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Buying the Best Backpack: Types of Backpacks

There a several main types of backpacks available, each intended for different purposes. These range from small daypacks for carrying gear on a short hike or hunting trip as well as large internal or external frame backpacks for longer backpacking trips. Finding the right size and type of backpack is important to ensure that you can comfortably carry all of the necessary gear required for you outdoor excursion.

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of backpacks in all shapes and sizes. These backpacks, daypacks, and waistpacks come from leading outdoor manufacturers including Alps Mountaineering, Chinook, Stansport, SwissGear, and NCStar. With our discount backpacks and accessories, you are sure to find the backpack that fits your needs for any outdoor trip as well as for everyday use.

Daypacks & Small Backpacks

Daypacks are small to medium sized backpacks and bags that are ideal for day hikes, hunts, and other outdoor trips. These packs are usually large enough to carry things like extra layers of clothing, snacks, flashlights, and survival kits without being too large or bulky. Daypacks and backpacks can include any of a number of features such as:

  • Multiple pockets and compartments for organizing gear
  • Narrow profiles and compression bungees in order to reduce bulkiness and prevent gear from bouncing around
  • Padding for improved comfort
  • Integrated hydration systems or hydration system compatibility
  • Tough, water resistant materials and zippers

Backpacking Backpacks

Backpacking backpacks are either internal frame and external frame bags that are large enough to hold and organize enough gear for a camping, hunting, or hiking trip that may be several days or weeks long. These packs use an integrated frame system to offer support for the backpack and transfer the weight of the bag to the hips, allowing individuals to carry a significant amount of gear easily. When buying a backpack for backpacking, you must be sure to buy a bag that is not only appropriately sized for the amount of gear that you will need to carry, but that is also the right size for your body type and size.


Waistpacks are an alternative to daypacks or backpacks when you only have a small amount of gear to carry. These are often used on short hiking trips and when hunting. Waistpacks typically attach to a belt so they can be worn around the waist. These are an ideal solution for carrying smaller gear and keeping it close at hand.