Hammocks: Buy Discount Portable & Camping Hammocks

A portable hammock is ideal for stretching out during a break on a long hike or relaxing at the park. Camping hammocks can even be used on backcountry camping and backpacking trips for sleeping. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of hammocks at discount prices. This includes a variety of portable and camping hammocks and hammock accessories. Please shop our complete selection of hammocks below to find the perfect hammock to meet your needs and budget. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please also check out our complete selection of discount hunting gear and outdoor equipment available online.


Coghlans Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net - Single - White Single, White
Backwoods Mosquito Net Grn Single Backwoods, Single, Green
Mosquito Net - Double - White Double, White
Backwoods Mosquito Net Grn Double Backwoods, Double, Green

Grand Trunk Double Parachute Hammock

Dbl Parachute Hammock, Navy/Red Navy/Red Double Parachute Hammock
Dbl Para Hammock, Olive Grn/Khaki Olive Green/Khaki Double Parachute Hammock
Double Para Hammock Ocean Bl/Purp Ocean Blue/Purple
Double Para Hammock Orange/Silver Orange/Silver
Double Para Hammock Crimson/Khaki Crimson/Khaki

Grand Trunk Parasheet

Parasheet, Sea Green/Bright Blue Sea Green/Bright Blue

Grand Trunk ParaSheet

ParaSheet Teal/Yellow Teal/Yellow

Grand Trunk Parasheet

Parasheet, Orange/Yellow Orange/Yellow
Parasheet, Lt Blue/Yellow Light Blue/Yellow Parasheet
Parasheet, Sky Blue/Royal Blue Sky Blue/Royal Blue Parasheet
Parasheet, Turquoise/Sky Blue Turquoise/Sky Blue

Grand Trunk Roatan Woven Hammock

Roatan Woven Hammock, Blue Blue Roatan Woven Hammock
Roatan Woven Hammock, Rainbow Rainbow Roatan Woven Hammock

Grand Trunk Single Parachute Hammock

Single Para Hammock, Navy/Green Navy/Green Single Parachute Hammock
Single Para Hammock, Navy/Lt.Blue Navy/Light Blue Single Parachute Hammock
Single Para Hammock, Olv Grn/Khk Olive Green/Khaki Single Parachute Hammock

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Ultralight Hammock, Royal Blue Royal Blue Ultralight Hammock
Ultralight Hammock, Hawaiian Red Hawaiian, Red
Ultralight Hammock, Camo Green Camo Green Ultralight Hammock
Ultralight Hammock, Hawaiian Blue Hawaiian, Blue
Ultralight Hammock, Forest Green Forest Green Ultralight Hammock

Grand Trunk Ultralight Skeeter Hammock

UL Skeeter Hammock, Forest Grn Forest Green Ultralight Skeeter Hammock

Stansport Mosquito Net 4-Corner Reinforcement

Mosquito Net 30 inches x73 inches x 33 inches 4-corner 30"x73"x33"
Mosquito Net 32 inches x 79 inches x 59 inches 4-corner 32"x79"x59"

Additional Hammocks

Nano-7 Hammock Grand Trunk
Nano-7 Hammock
Skeeter-Beeter Pro Olive/Khaki Grand Trunk
Skeeter-Beeter Pro Olive/Khaki
TreeSlings - Hanging Kit Grand Trunk
TreeSlings - Hanging Kit
All Terrain Hybrid Hammock Grand Trunk
All Terrain Hybrid Hammock
Single Parachute Hammock, Pink Grand Trunk
Single Parachute Hammock, Pink
Hammock Mozzy Netting Grand Trunk
Hammock Mozzy Netting
The Pink Collection Parasheet Grand Trunk
The Pink Collection Parasheet
Mosquito Net, Single Stansport
Mosquito Net, Single
Mosquito Net - Double Stansport
Mosquito Net - Double

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Camping with Hammocks

Using a portable hammock when camping can provide you with a comfortable place to relax during the day, and a secure place to sleep at night. A lightweight hammock can be an ideal substitution for a backpacking tent to provide both comfort and protection while reducing gear weight. Additionally, using portable hammocks during camping trips or other outdoor adventures can simply provide a place to stretch out and relax in addition to your tent. Because of the many uses and advantages of portable hammocks, these are quickly becoming an important part of outdoor camping gear for many individuals.

Hammock Camping: Benefits of Camping & Backpacking with Hammocks

Hammock camping is becoming an increasingly popular trend among backcountry campers, hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Hammock camping offers a number of advantages over traditional backwoods camping and backpacking with tents. For example, hammocks offer:

  • Protection from the environment: Sleeping in hammocks will provide adequate protection from small animals and critters. It will also raise you up off of the cold or wet ground. Additionally, when used with a tarp or mosquito net, camping hammocks will keep out rain, snow, and most insects as well as any tent.
  • Improved comfort: Many individuals find that sleeping in a hammock can actually be more comfortable than sleeping in a tent on the ground. This is because, when properly set up, a camping hammock will cradle your body allowing you to sleep comfortably in one of several positions.
  • Campsite flexibility: When camping in a hammock, you can potentially set up camp anywhere in nearly no time at all. You will not be limited by rocky or uneven terrain and can set up your campsite anywhere between two trees or posts. Additionally, because camping in hammocks does not required clearing the ground for a campsite, this is consistent with the growing trend of leave no trace camping.
  • Reduced gear weight: Camping hammocks are small, compact, and lightweight. Additionally, sleeping in a hammock will eliminate the need for a tent, ground tarp, and sleeping pad. This can significantly reduce the weight of your camping gear without sacrificing safety, protection, or comfort.

Our Hammocks and Accessories

At United Sportsmen's Store, we carry a complete selection of hammocks for camping and other outdoor applications. These hammocks include some of the best models from leading outdoor manufacturers. Our discount hammocks and hammock accessories include:

  • Woven Hammocks
  • Parachute Hammocks
  • Nylon Hammocks
  • Polyester Hammocks
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Tree Hanging Kits