Hunting Dog Training & Breeding

For any upland duck hunting experience to be more successful and enjoyable, it is important to have a good companion hunting dog. We have been breeding and training high quality hunting dogs for over 20 years. We can breed high quality hunting dogs and puppies as well as perform professional training services for your hunting dog. Our dogs come from a line of high quality dogs and they can make great hunting dogs or a wonderful addition to your family.

To learn more about our hunting dog training and breeding services, please contact us at our Illinois hunting club and discount hunting store.

Hunting Dog Breeding

With our hunting dog breeding services, we take special care to ensure that we maintain the pureness of each breed. As a result of this, the dogs that we offer are of the highest quality. All of the dogs we breed can make excellent hunting dogs as well as superior family dogs. In addition to breeding puppies, we also have stud dogs available for breeding a variety of types of popular hunting dogs.

We can breed many different types of top quality hunting dogs including AKC Lab Pups in all colors. Like all of our hunting dogs, these Labrador hunting dogs come from champion bloodlines. They are pointing labs that make for excellent hunting dogs or family dogs.

We offer professional dog breeding for:

  • Labrador Retrievers of all colors including black, yellow, and chocolate labs
  • Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
  • Brittany Spaniels
  • German Shorthairs
  • Chesadors, a hi-bred cross of champion Chesapeake Bay and Labrador Retrievers

All of our dogs and puppies come from champion bloodlines to offer you the high quality hunting dog or family dog you have been searching for. These dogs:

  • Are great family dogs
  • Make great hunting dogs
  • Come from field champion bloodlines with many national wins
  • Offer full health guarantees
  • Are classified OFA excellent
  • Are DNA tested

To learn more about our hunting dog breeding services for Labradors, Chesapeakes, Brittany Spaniels, and German Shorthairs, please contact us today.

Hunting Dog Training

Whether you purchase your puppy from us or another breeder, we offer professional hunting dog training services in order to help your puppy develop into the hunting dog and companion you desire. We also have a designated dog training area as part of our northern Illinois hunting club, which is available to members from May through September. This area is an ideal location for individuals who would like to work with their dog to obtain field experience and enforce hunting dog training.

To learn more about our professional hunting dog training services and to find out how we can help you train your dog to become the top quality hunting dog that you need, please contact us today.

Generations of Hunting Dog Experience

We come from a long family line of hunters and hunting dog trainers and breeders. From the early 1800's when our ancestors came to America from Ireland, the Walsh family has been hunting across America using their trusted and well trained hunting dogs. When our family finally settled on the banks of the Fox Chain River, Illinois was still a wild and open place. Therefore, hunting was a necessity for survival and poor quality hunting dogs were not tolerated.

Today, Brendan and his wife Mary are the fourth generation of American sportsmen and conservationists in the Walsh family. They have professionally trained many hunting dogs over the years using techniques passed down from the family and other old veteran hunting dog trainers. They are committed to providing customers with only top quality hunting dogs. They now share this passion with their daughters Nicole and Katie, who will undoubtedly continue to produce dogs of unequaled quality for future generations.

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