Trail Cameras, Game Cameras, & Scouting Cameras

Trail cameras, game cameras, and scouting cameras are special digital cameras that can be used to capture photos of game animals and other wildlife. These cameras can be used to track game and other animals for observational and documentation purposes and for tracking purposes when scouting a new hunting ground. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of digital trail cameras at affordable prices. Our discount digital trail cameras include those that capture video or photos using infrared capabilities or a bright white flash. Shop our discount trail cameras below including a complete selection of Moultrie game cameras or learn more about buying the best trail camera.

Trail Cameras

Hunter Specialties i-KamXtreme Charger

i-KamXtreme Charger Hunter ClamHunter
i-KamXtreme Charger Sport ClamSport

Hunter Specialties i-KamXtreme Video Eyewear

i-KamXtreme Video Eyewear CamoCamo Frames
i-KamXtreme Video Eyewear FlatBlackFlat Black Frames
i-KamXtreme Video Eyewear GlosBlackGloss Black Frames
i-KamXtreme Video Eyewear GlosWhtGloss White Frames

Leupold Trail Camera

RCX-1 Trail CameraRCX-1
RCX-2 Trail CameraRCX-2

Leupold Trail Camera System Kit

RCX-1 Trail Camera System KitRCX-1
RCX-2 Trail Camera System KitRCX-2

Primos Truth? Cam

Truth Cam 3535
Truth Cam 4646
Truth Cam 6060
TruthX Cam 62X 62

Spy Point Digital Cam

DigCam-6MP/46 Infrd LED Camo6MP/46 Infrared LED, Camo
DigCam-6MP/46 Infrd LED Black6MP/46 Infrared LED, Black

Spy Point IR-10 Game Camera

DigCam 10MP/46 Infrd LED/BlackBlack
DigCam 10MP/46 Infrd LED/CamoCamo

Spy Point Pro-X-Plus 12MP IR w/Screen, Solar Power Adaptability

Pro-X PL 12MP IR w/Scrn, CamoCamo

Spy Point Pro-X-Plus 12MP IR w/Screen, Solar Power Adaptable

Pro-X Pl 12MP IR w/Scrn, BlackBlack

Stealth Cam Prowler Game Camera

Prowler HD IDVR CameraHD IDVR Camera

Stealth Cam Wildview Game Camera

Wildview IDVR w/Burst Mode TechnoIDVR, 5 MP w/ Burst Mode Technology
Wildview 2.0MP Digital Cam w/Flsh2.0 MP Digital Camera w/Flash

Tasco Trail Cam

5MP Trail Cam w/Night Vision Black5MP, Night Vision, Black

Additional Trail Cameras

Security Case Trophy Cam BrownBushnell
Security Case Trophy Cam Brown
Tree Bracket Trophy Cam Black DlxBushnell
Tree Bracket Trophy Cam Black Dlx
Security Case Trophy Cam BLK LED Bushnell
Security Case Trophy Cam BLK LED
8MP TrphyCamBC NV ClmBushnell
8MP TrphyCamBC NV Clm
8MP TrphyCamBlkLEDNV ClmBushnell
8MP Trphy Cam BlkLEDNV Clm
8MP TrphyCamBrnNV ClmBushnell
8MP TrphyCamBrnNV Clm
Cuddeback Attack IRCuddeback
Cuddeback Attack IR
Cuddeback 2GB Memory CardCuddeback
Cuddeback 2GB Memory Card
Cuddeback AttackCuddeback
Cuddeback Attack
CuddeView X2Cuddeback
CuddeView X2
Single Drop TineDo-All Traps
Single Drop Tine
Double Drop TineDo-All Traps
Double Drop Tine
Nighthawk 35mm Game Surv CameraGame Country
Nighthawk 35mm Game Surv Camera
Game Spy M-100Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy M-100
Game Spy 45 Digital Game Dlx MTMMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy 45 Digital Game Dlx MTM
Game Spy I-45 S DigitalMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-45 S Digital
Game Spy I-35 DigitalMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-35 Digital
Game Spy I-65 S DigitalMoultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-65 S Digital
6 Volt Solar PanelMoultrie Feeders
6 Volt Solar Panel
Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy M-80
Whitetail 5mp NV GraySimmons
Whitetail 5mp NV Gray
Whitetail 3mp NV GraySimmons
Whitetail 3mp NV Gray
ProHunter 7mp NV BluLedGrSimmons
ProHunter 7mp NV BluLedGr
ProHunter 7mp NV GrSimmons
ProHunter 7mp NV Gr
Sports Video CameraSpy Point
Sports Video Camera
PicViewer-w/2 inch scrn rchg lith batSpy Point
PicViewer-w/2"Scrn/ Rchg Lith Bat
Power Cable w/Clips For 12vSpy Point
Power Cable w/Clips For 12v
Epic HD1080w/Mt Kit & BtStealth Cam
Epic HD1080w/Mt Kit & Bt
Black Epic Camera PackageStealth Cam
Black Epic Camera Package
Rogue 8 CameraStealth Cam
Rogue 8 Camera
Jim Shockey Sniper Pro CameraStealth Cam
Jim Shockey Sniper Pro Camera
Patroller 2.0 MP Secr light/CamerStealth Cam
Patroller 2.0 MP Secr light/Camer
Unit Compact CameraStealth Cam
Unit Compact Camera

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Buying the Best Trail Camera

A trail camera or game camera allows you to track game and other wildlife over a given area. Trail cameras are used by hunters when scouting a new hunting location to determine the best times and areas to in which to hunt. They can also be used by outdoorsmen and outdoor enthusiasts to determine the location, patterns, and habits of local wildlife. Finally, trail cameras can allow outdoor enthusiasts or photographers to capture high quality and candid photos of wildlife.

There are a variety of types of trail cameras available to choose from and each of these offer unique advantages for different applications. Therefore, when buying a new trail camera or scouting camera, you will find that you have several decisions to make in order to select the best camera for your needs. The main types of digital trail cameras and scouting cameras available include color trail cameras, infrared trail cameras, cameras that shoot video or sequential shots, and trail cameras that can be accessed remotely to download and view photos.

When buying a new trail camera and determining which scouting or trail camera is best for you, you should consider:

  • Camera Trigger Speed: Trigger speed is the amount of time between when an animal enters the sensor field to when the camera triggers and a picture is taken. Trail cameras that have a trigger speed, which is too slow often take photos too late and will miss the animal or capture only a tail or back side of the animal. For better quality photos, it is better to select a camera with a fast trigger speed or one that accommodates for a slower camera speed with an increased activation range.
  • Photo Quality: The quality of the photos produced from trail cameras can vary greatly based on the particular model and brand of camera. If you prefer to have higher quality photos for display purposes or that will allow you to indentify and differentiate each animal, you will want to select a trail camera that takes higher quality photos. However, the downside to higher quality photos is that they take up more space to store and may use more battery to capture, reducing the number of photos your camera can take.
  • Flash Type: Trail cameras will either have an infrared flash or a bright white flash. A white flash can capture quality color photos and video clips during the day or night, which allows for better animal identification and improved tracking. An infrared camera will be completely undetectable by deer and other wildlife, which will capture the most natural photos and videos. However, infrared trail cameras tend to produce lower quality and grainy photos at night.
  • Other Special Features: Other special features that may influence your choice of trail camera include video capabilities, battery life, memory or photo storage space, and integrated LED screens. Additionally, some trail cameras can be used with special software that allows you to access the camera remotely in order to view photos and adjust settings.