Moultrie Game Cameras: Discount Game Spy Trail Cameras

Moultrie game cameras offer all of the features you want and need in a game camera at an affordable price. These game cameras include infrared cameras, white flash cameras, compact mini cameras, and cameras that are compatible with the Moultrie Game Spy management system. With the discount Moultrie game cameras available from our online discount store, you will be able to find just the camera you need to monitor and scout game and other wildlife. Shop our Moultrie game cameras below or view all of our discount trail cameras.

Moultrie Game Cameras

Game Spy M-100 Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy M-100
Game Spy 45 Digital Game Dlx MTM Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy 45 Digital Game Dlx MTM
Game Spy I-45 S Digital Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-45 S Digital
Game Spy I-35 Digital Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-35 Digital
Game Spy I-65 S Digital Moultrie Feeders
Game Spy I-65 S Digital
6 Volt Solar Panel Moultrie Feeders
6 Volt Solar Panel

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Advantages of Moultrie Game Cameras

There are a variety of types of Moultrie game cameras available including infrared digital cameras and traditional white flash cameras as well as compact game cameras. While each of the Moultrie game cameras offers different advantages resulting from the included features and options, these cameras are all able to capture high quality photographs or videos without sacrificing quick response times or battery life. Additionally, all of the Moultrie game cameras are quick and easy to set up with simple and straightforward menu-driven displays. Therefore, you will find that any Moultrie game camera is an excellent choice to help you scout and track game.

Moultrie game cameras offer a number of popular and desirable features at affordable prices. Some of the features that you may find on the discount Moultrie game cameras that we sell here include:

  • Nighttime and day time photo or video capture capabilities
  • Rapid response times
  • Infrared (IR) sensor for immediate game capture
  • Compatibility with Moultrie's Game Management System
  • Temperature, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID stamping on every photo and video for easier record keeping
  • Color pictures
  • IR aim and LED Quick Aim for fast and precise camera setup
  • Multiple picture and video resolution options
  • Large internal memory with additional memory card slot
  • Weather resistant casing, USB cable, and mounting strap included
  • Infrared or white flash with up to 50-ft range
  • Easy to read photo strip
  • External power port for optional Moultrie power panel

Moultrie Game Cameras and the Game Management System

The Moultrie Game Management System is compatible with many of the available Moultrie game cameras. This system allows you to remotely view pictures on your trail camera without having to physically go out to the field and collect your memory card. By simply logging on to the Moultrie Game Management System website, you can access your Moultrie game cameras remotely through the special Moultrie game management system. This allows you to remotely view pictures, change camera settings, and check the battery status from any computer or an internet capable phone or tablet. If you have multiple Moultrie game cameras setup, this system will also allow you to view the locations of your cameras using GPS coordinates.

In order to use this game management system, you simply plug any compatible Moultrie game camera into the special cellular modem, which operates on the AT&T wireless network. Many of the Moultrie game cameras are compatible with this Moultrie Game Management System including the Game Spy I-45 and I-65 models with virtually indetectable infrared and the Game Spy M-45 and M-65 white flash cameras, which capture color nighttime video and photos.