Lanterns: Propane, Kerosene, & Battery Powered Lanterns for Camping

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of lanterns including propane, kerosene, and battery powered lanterns for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. With our variety of lanterns from leading manufacturers, you can find the best lantern for any outdoor situation. We also sell a variety of additional discount hunting gear and camping equipment including outdoor lighting accessories and flashlights such as LED flashlights and Streamlight flashlights.

To find the best lantern for your needs, browse our selection of lanterns below or learn more about buying the best lantern with our lantern buying guide.

Battery Powered Lanterns

Energizer Hard Case Light

Energizer Solar Light Series

Energizer Weather Ready Light

Optronics NightBlaster Rechargable Spotlight

Additional Battery Powered Lanterns

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Fuel Operated Lanterns

Brunton Lanterns

Coghlans Mantle Replacements

Stansport Kerosene Hurricane Lantern

Stansport Kerosene Hurricane Lantern Replacement Globe

Stansport Realtree

Additional Fuel Operated Lanterns

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Buying the Best Lantern: A Lantern Buying Guide

When you are buying a new lantern for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, or other any outdoor activities, you will want to consider a number of factors in order to ensure that you select the lantern that is best for your needs. Choosing the best lantern, will give you the best possible lighting in many camping and outdoor situations.

The three main types of lanterns available include:

  • Propane Lanterns: Propane lanterns are inexpensive to buy and operate using disposable propane canisters. They are easy to use and produce a bright light that can last for hours. However, propane lanterns are unsafe to use inside as they produce harmful carbon monoxide when burned.
  • Kerosene Lanterns: Kerosene lanterns burn kerosene to produce a bright, steady light. They are portable, safe, weatherproof, and inexpensive. However, these lanterns can produce potentially harmful fumes and require complicated cleaning in order to ensure proper function.
  • Battery Powered / Electric Lanterns: Battery powered or electric lanterns are popular lanterns for both indoor and outdoor use. These lanterns are safe and easy to use in nearly any situation. Types of battery powered lanterns include LED, florescent, and incandescent lanterns. The main downsides to some battery powered lanterns can include a short battery life or reduced light output.

Some additional factors that can vary between lanterns, and should influence you choice of lantern include:

  • Light output / intensity – The light output or intensity of a lantern is the amount of light that a lantern is able to produce. Typically, fuel burning lanterns are brighter than battery powered lanterns, and they produce a bright light that can spread further.
  • Indoor / outdoor capabilities – Fuel burning lanterns are great for reliable outdoor lighting, but because they release harmful fumes as they burn, these lanterns are unsafe for inside tents, cabins, and other unventilated areas. Battery powered lanterns are much safer for indoor use as they do not produce great heat or dangerous fumes. Therefore, these can be used inside a tent or any other structure.
  • Ease of use – Most lanterns are fairly easy to use especially with practice. However, kerosene lanterns can be slightly more difficult to use because they require filling the fuel tank, pumping fuel, and adjusting fuel output.
  • Size and weight – If you will be carrying your equipment while hiking, camping, backpacking, or hunting, you will want to select a lantern that is smaller and more compact to make travel easy. For lightweight backpacking, you may choose not to bring a lantern, but instead carry an LED flashlight or headlamp that will provide task lighting.
  • Durability – If you are carrying your lantern with you, you may want to select a more durable lantern such as a battery powered lantern, a kerosene lantern with a mesh globe, or a lantern with a sturdy carrying case. Kerosene lanterns and propane lanterns with glass globes can be more fragile than other models during travel, which can lead to unexpected problems should glass break.