Women's Camouflage Clothing

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of women's camouflage clothing including camouflage clothing for hunting and other outdoor activities. In addition to selling functional women's hunting clothing that will offer comfort and performance on a hunt, we also sell some fashionable women's hunting clothing and camo gear including our selection of pink hunting clothes and equipment. Please shop our complete selection of camouflage clothing designed specifically for women below, or see all of our discount camouflage clothing.

While hunting may traditionally be a men's sport, many women now also enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities. As the trend grows, companies have begun to develop special ladies hunting gear and equipment, including camouflage clothing and other specialized women's hunting equipment. Today, women's camouflage clothing offers many of the same features found in men's clothing, but in smaller sizes and women's shapes in order to fit the woman's frame. With women's camouflage clothing and hunting gear, women can claim their place in the hunting world.

Our Women's Camouflage Clothing

At United Sportsmen's Store, we believe that every person including men and women, children and adults, should be able to enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities. Therefore, in addition to our full selection of discount camouflage clothing from leading hunting manufacturers and suppliers, we also sell a complete selection of women's camouflage clothing.

Our selection of women's camouflage clothing includes:

  • Women's Camouflage Pants
  • Women's Camouflage Coats & Jackets
  • Women's Camouflage Shirts
  • Women's Camouflage Hats
  • Women's Camouflage Gloves

Choosing the Best Camouflage Clothing

When shopping for the best camouflage clothing, many women often do not know where to start. Because we have gone from having very few, limited clothing options for women, to having a wide variety of options, styles, and patterns of hunting and outdoor clothing for women, this can make choosing the best clothes difficult. By carefully selecting the best camouflage clothing, you will be sure to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Some questions and factors to consider when choosing your clothing include:

  • What are you hunting? The specific type of hunting that you plan to do should affect your choice in clothing. For example, if you plan to walk through heavy bush and thickets, it is important to find heavy pants that protect your legs. Additionally, if you will be moving about a lot, you will likely want to find clothing that breathes well. However, if you will spend most of your time sitting in a tree stand, it is important to select clothing that will be insulated in order to help you retain body heat.
  • Where will you hunt? The location in which you plan to hunt will have a large impact on what type of hunting clothing you choose. If you will be hunting the desert southwest, the cornfields of the Midwest, or the northern forest, you should select camouflage clothing that has an appropriate pattern for the area. Additionally, if you plan to hunt in damp marshes or river bottoms, you may need to choose clothing that provides extra waterproofing in order to help keep you dry.
  • When will you hunt? The time of year and climate in which you will be hunting will also impact your choice of clothing. This will influence whether you need heavily insulated clothing or a single layer of breathable clothing. Additionally, in cooler or wet climates you may want to choose clothing that offers extra windproof or waterproof capabilities as well. The key to selecting the best camouflage clothing is to purchase clothing that will keep you warm and dry in unpredictable weather.
  • Why not purchase men's clothing? While women can wear men's camouflage clothing, the main reason to purchase women's hunting clothing is fit. Women's clothing is designed for a woman's smaller frame. Additionally, women's clothing is fit for a woman's body shape. This will help to eliminate the problems of clothing sagging or bunching up and interfering with an ability to shoot. Therefore, buying well fitting women's clothing will allow for a more comfortable and successful hunt.

Shop our women's camouflage clothing here or view more of our discount ladies hunting gear, clothing, and equipment.