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Gerber Knives: Fixed Blade & Folding Knives, Axes, Saws, & Tools

Gerber Fixed Blade Knives

Gerber Fixed Blade Knives

Gerber Folding Knives

Gerber Folding Knives

Gerber Axes & Saws

Gerber Axes & Saws

Gerber Fishing Knives

Gerber Fishing Knives

Gerber Machetes

Gerber Machetes

Gerber Multi-Purpose Tools & Knives

Gerber Multi-Purpose Tools

Geber Knives - Knife Sharpeners

Gerber Knife Sharpeners

Gerber Knives - Knife Sheaths

Gerber Knife Sheaths

Gerber knives are durable knives that are trusted by many outdoorsmen and professionals to offer superior quality and performance in a variety of applications. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of Gerber knives and tools designed for hunting, camping, fishing, and a variety of other outdoor and everyday applications. These discount Gerber knives include fixed blade Gerber knives, folding blade Gerber knives, Gerber machetes, Gerber axes, and Gerber saws. Each Gerber knife is made using the latest innovations to deliver the superior performance you desire. Shop our discount Gerber knives and tools below to find the knives and tools that will meet your needs.

Gerber Fixed Blade Knives

Gerber Blades Bear Grylls Series

Bear Grylls Ult. Fixed Blade, ClUltimate Fixed Blade
Mfg: 31-000751
SKU: 60560

Gerber Blades Big Rock Fixed Blade

Big Rock Fixed Blade F/E BoxFixed Blade, Fine Edge, Box
Mfg: 22-01589
SKU: 47202
Big Rock Fixed Blade S/E BoxFixed Blade, Serrated Edge, Box
Mfg: 22-01588
SKU: 47201

Gerber Blades Freeman Guide Knife

FreemanGuide/GutHook/FE/Ny/ClGuthook, Fine Edge, Nylon Sheath, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000589
SKU: 61809
FreemanGuide/DropPt/Ny/ClDrop Point, Nylon Sheath, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000588
SKU: 61810

Gerber Blades Gator Fixed Blade

Fixed Gator - DP, Fine, ClamFixed Blade, Drop Point, Fine
Mfg: 46904
SKU: 40633
Gator XGH Fixed Blade GH, BxXGH - Gut Hook, Fixed Blade, Fine Edge
Mfg: 06906
SKU: 8774
Gator XDP Fixed Blade DP, BxXDP - Drop Point, Fixed Blade, Fine Edge
Mfg: 06904
SKU: 8776

Gerber Blades LMF II

LMF II Infantry Coyote Brown,ClamInfantry, Coyote Brown
Mfg: 22-41463
SKU: 50806
LMF II Infantry FG504 Green-BoxInfantry FG504 Green-Box
Mfg: 22-01626
SKU: 59542
LMF II Infantry - Black - BoxInfantry, Black, Box
Mfg: 22-01629
SKU: 59543
LMF II Infantry - Black - ClamInfantry, Black, Clam
Mfg: 22-41629
SKU: 59544
LMF II ASEK - Coyote Brown, BxASEK, Coyote Brown
Mfg: 22-01400
SKU: 44010

Gerber Blades Metolius

Metolius Fixed Fine Edge ClamFixed Fine Edge, Clam
Mfg: 31-000007
SKU: 76616
Metolius Fixed GutHk Fine ClamFixed Gut Hook Fine, Clam
Mfg: 31-000008
SKU: 76617
Metolius FB GH, F/E, BoxFixed Blade, Gut Hook, Fine Edge
Mfg: 30-000008
SKU: 52055

Gerber Blades Profile Knife

Fixed Blade/GH - ClamFixed Blade, Gut Hook
Mfg: 22-41131
SKU: 49247
Fixed Blade/DP - ClamFixed Blade, Drop Point
Mfg: 22-41795
SKU: 49280

Gerber Blades River Series

River Shorty Black w/Plas.Shth BxRiver Shorty, Black
Mfg: 05640
SKU: 27192

Additional Gerber Fixed Blade Knives

E-Z Saw, ClamGerber Blades
E-Z Saw, Clam
Mfg: 22-48397
SKU: 43767
Steadfast, F/E - ClamGerber Blades
Steadfast, F/E - Clam
Mfg: 22-41120
SKU: 50799
Kiowa Tanto Blk Serrated - ClamGerber Blades
Kiowa Tanto Blk Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 22-41405
SKU: 40134
Prodigy - S/E - ClamGerber Blades
Prodigy - S/E - Clam
Mfg: 22-41121
SKU: 50800
Guardian BackUp Dbl/Fine Edge ClGerber Blades
Guardian BackUp Dbl/Fine Edge Cl
Mfg: 45803
SKU: 58575
Warrant,Tanto/Blk/blade/HandGerber Blades
Mfg: 31-000560
SKU: 61807
E-Z Skinner - ClamGerber Blades
E-Z Skinner - Clam
Mfg: 22-48398
SKU: 40445
Epic DropPt/Serrated, Sheath -BoxGerber Blades
Epic DropPt/Serrated, Sheath -Box
Mfg: 30-000176
SKU: 60345
Guardian Black Blade, BoxGerber Blades
Guardian Black Blade, Box
Mfg: 05803
SKU: 11902
Epic Drop Point Sheath, Serr ClamGerber Blades
Epic Drop Point Sheath, Serr Clam
Mfg: 31-000368
SKU: 55222
LHR - Sheath, Serrated - BoxGerber Blades
LHR - Sheath, Serrated - Box
Mfg: 30-000183
SKU: 55196
EZ Saw II-ClamGerber Blades
EZ Saw II-Clam
Mfg: 22-41140
SKU: 60514
Basic Drop Point Sheath Serr ClamGerber Blades
Basic Drop Point Sheath Serr Clam
Mfg: 31-000367
SKU: 55221
Fixed Gator - Gut Hook, Fine ClamGerber Blades
Fixed Gator - Gut Hook, Fine Clam
Mfg: 46906
SKU: 40631
Prodigy Tanto Serr Edge Camo ClamGerber Blades
Prodigy Tanto Serr Edge Camo Clam
Mfg: 31-000558
SKU: 76626
Sil Trident Double Ser Edge - BoxGerber Blades
Sil Trident Double Ser Edge - Box
Mfg: 06995
SKU: 50798
Mark II - BoxGerber Blades
Mark II - Box
Mfg: 22-01874
SKU: 76551
Metolius DrPt E-Z Open Saw ClamGerber Blades
Metolius DrPt E-Z Open Saw Clam
Mfg: 31-000587
SKU: 76631
Metolius Exch-A-Bld Gut Hook SawGerber Blades
Metolius Exch-A-Bld Gut Hook Saw
Mfg: 31-000697
SKU: 76638
Combat Fixed Blade KnifeGerber Blades
Combat Fixed Blade Knife
Mfg: 30-000598
SKU: 76614
Ultimate Knife FineEdge Fixed BlGerber Blades
Ultimate Knife FineEdge Fixed Bl
Mfg: 31-001063
SKU: 76273
Bear Grylls Compact Fixed BladeGerber Blades
Bear Grylls Compact Fixed Blade
Mfg: 31-001066
SKU: 76658

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Gerber Folding Knives

Gerber Blades Aluminum Presto

Aluminum Presto 3.0 S/E ClamAssisted Open, 3.0 Serrated Edge Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-41581
SKU: 47209
Aluminum Presto 2.5 F/E ClamAssisted Open, 2.5 Fine Edge Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-41074
SKU: 47203
Aluminum Presto 3.0 Fine Edge Clm3.0 Fine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-41075
SKU: 76553

Gerber Blades Answer

Answer 3.25,SE,Tanto, Bx3.25, Serrated Edge,Tanto
Mfg: 22-01970
SKU: 52047

Gerber Blades AO FAST 3.00

AO FAST 3.00 Drop Point Serr ClamDrop Point Serrated Clam
Mfg: 31-000352
SKU: 55218
AO FAST 3.00 DrpPt Fine Edge ClamDrop Point Fine Edge Clam
Mfg: 31-000351
SKU: 55217

Gerber Blades Applegate-Fairbairn

Mini Covert - Serrated Edge, ClamMini Covert, Serrated Clam Pack
Mfg: 46924
SKU: 43749
Applegate-Fairbairn Covert BxCovert Double Bevel Edge
Mfg: 05785
SKU: 11462
Applegate-Fairbairn Covert BxCovert Double Bevel Edge Titanium
Mfg: 05786
SKU: 4313
Applegate-Fairbairn Covert ClamPcCovert Double Bevel Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 45786
SKU: 74678

Gerber Blades AR 3.00 Series

AR 3.00, Fine Edge, BoxFine, Stainless Steel Blade
Mfg: 05842
SKU: 458
AR 3.00BB Fine Edge Blk Blade, BxFine, Coated Stainless Steel Blade
Mfg: 05848
SKU: 25254
AR 3.00BB Serrt Edge Blk Blad BxSerrated, Coated Stainless Steel Blade
Mfg: 05849
SKU: 25255

Gerber Blades Bear Grylls Series

Bear Grylls Fold Sheath Knife, ClFolding Sheath Knife
Mfg: 31-000752
SKU: 60556
Bear Grylls Scout, Clip, ClamScout, Clip
Mfg: 31-000754
SKU: 60555
Bear Grylls Comp Scout, Serrat ClCompact Scout, Serrated
Mfg: 31-000760
SKU: 60553

Gerber Blades Contrast

Contrast Drop Point Fine Edge ClmDrop Point, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000595
SKU: 76635
Contrast, Drop Point, Serr, ClamDrop Point, Serrated Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000596
SKU: 76636

Gerber Blades Convert

Covert FAST,SE, BoxFAST, Serrated Edge, Box
Mfg: 22-01966
SKU: 52043
Mini Covert FAST,SE,BoxMini, Fast, Serrated Edge, Box
Mfg: 22-01967
SKU: 52044

Gerber Blades Crevice Drop Point

Crevice Drop Point, Serrated ClamSerrated Edge, Clam
Mfg: 31-000366
SKU: 55220

Gerber Blades Descent Drop Point

Descent Drop Point, Serrated ClamSerrated Edge, Clam
Mfg: 31-000374
SKU: 55225

Gerber Blades DMF Folder

DMF Fld Mod Clip Point Serr ClamModified Clip Point, Serrated
Mfg: 31-000582
SKU: 76629
DMF Folder,Tanto, Serrated - ClamTanto, Serrated
Mfg: 31-000583
SKU: 76630

Gerber Blades E-Z-Out

E-Z Out, Serrated Clip-Point, BxSerrated, Clip Point
Mfg: 06751
SKU: 171
E-Z Out Rescue Yellow FullSerr BxRescue, Yellow, Fully Serrated
Mfg: 06971
SKU: 27191
E-Z Out, Clip-Point Skeleton, BoxSkeleton,Clip Point, Fine Edge, Box
Mfg: 06701
SKU: 168
E-Z Out Junior, Clip-Point, BoxJunior, Clip Point
Mfg: 06501
SKU: 173
E-Z Out JR, Serr Clip-Point,BxJunior, Serrated Clip Point
Mfg: 06551
SKU: 174
EZ Out Skeleton - Fine Edge, ClamSkeleton,Clip Point, Fine Edge, Clam
Mfg: 46701
SKU: 43751

Gerber Blades EVO

EVO Mid - Tanto, Serrated - ClamMidsize - Tanto, Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 31-000486
SKU: 55230
EVO Jr - Fine - BoxJr, Fine
Mfg: 22-01492
SKU: 42002
EVO, Ti-Coated - Serrated - BoxTi-Coated, Serrated
Mfg: 22-01432
SKU: 41998

Gerber Blades Fast Draw

Fast Draw - Fine - ClamAssisted Open, Fine Edge in Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-47162
SKU: 40133
Fast Draw - Serrated - ClamAssisted Open, Serrated Edge in Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-47161
SKU: 40132

Gerber Blades Freeman Guide Knife

Freeman Guide Fld DrPt Fine ClamFolding, Drop Point, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000591
SKU: 76632
Freeman Guide Fld GutHk Fine ClamFolding, GutHook, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000592
SKU: 76633

Gerber Blades Gator

Gator GH Folding Gut-Hook, BoxGH Folding Gut-Hook
Mfg: 06932
SKU: 8772
Gator Serrated, Clip-Point, BxSerrated, Clip Point
Mfg: 06079
SKU: 10327
Gator Clip-Point, BoxClip Point
Mfg: 06069
SKU: 10326
Gator-Mate, Clip-Point, BoxGator-Mate, Clip Point
Mfg: 06149
SKU: 10330
Gator Drop Point, Box154CM, Drop Point
Mfg: 06064
SKU: 11434

Gerber Blades Gator Folders

Folding Gator, Clip Pt, Fine, ClmFine Clip Point
Mfg: 46069
SKU: 43757
Folding Gator, Serrated, ClamSerrated
Mfg: 46079
SKU: 43759
Folding Gator, Gut Hk, Fine, ClamFine Gut Hook
Mfg: 46932
SKU: 43758

Gerber Blades Gator II

Gator II Gut Hook - Fine, ClamGut Hook, Fine
Mfg: 22-41415
SKU: 40637
Gator II DrPt Serr + Gut Hook ClmDrop Point Serrated w/Guthook, Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-41417
SKU: 76562

Gerber Blades Icon

Icon - Tanto, Serrated - ClamTanto, Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 31-000372
SKU: 55223
Icon, SE, DP, BoxSerrated Edge, Drop Point, Box
Mfg: 30-000067
SKU: 52063

Gerber Blades LST

LST - Drop Pt Fine Edge, ClamDrop Point Fine Edge
Mfg: 46009
SKU: 43761
L.S.T., Black, Drop-Point, BxFine Edge
Mfg: 22-06009
SKU: 10334
L.S.T. Ultralight, Black, BxFine Edge, Ultralight
Mfg: 22-06050
SKU: 10336
Ultralight LST Fine Edge, ClamFine Edge, Ultralight
Mfg: 46050
SKU: 43762

Gerber Blades Metolius

Metolius Fold GH, F/E, BoxFolding, Gut Hook, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 30-000010
SKU: 52057
Metolius Fold, F/E, ClamFolding, Drop Point Blade, Fine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000009
SKU: 53864

Gerber Blades Mini Fast Draw

Mini Fast Draw Serrated Edge ClamSerrated Edge
Mfg: 22-41525
SKU: 43528
Mini Fast Draw Fine Edge ClamFine Edge
Mfg: 22-41526
SKU: 43529

Gerber Blades Mini-Remix

Mini-Remix DrpPt, Fine Edge ClamDrop Point, Fine Edge, Clam
Mfg: 31-000346
SKU: 55212

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier

Suspension Multi Pliers - BoxSuspension
Mfg: 22-01471
SKU: 42001

Gerber Blades Obsidian

Obsidian S/E - ClamSerrated Edge
Mfg: 22-41022
SKU: 49238
Obsidian F/E - ClamFine Edge
Mfg: 22-41021
SKU: 49237

Gerber Blades Paraframe I

Paraframe I, SS, Fine Edge, ClamFine Edge Stainless Steel
Mfg: 22-48444
SKU: 43763
Paraframe 1 - Black, Fine - BoxFine Edge, Black
Mfg: 22-08446
SKU: 36889
Paraframe I Black, Serrated, BxSerrated, Black
Mfg: 22-08445
SKU: 10009
Paraframe I Stainless, Fine, BxFine Edge, Stainless
Mfg: 22-08444
SKU: 9999

Gerber Blades Paraframe II

Paraframe II, SS, Serrated, ClamSerrated Stainless Steel
Mfg: 22-48447
SKU: 43764
Paraframe II Stainless, Serra. BxSerrated, Stainless
Mfg: 22-08447
SKU: 10011
Paraframe II Stainless Fine, BxFine Edge, Stainless
Mfg: 22-08448
SKU: 38756

Gerber Blades Paraframe Mini

Paraframe Mini Stainless Fine, BxFine Blade, Stainless
Mfg: 22-08485
SKU: 10013
Paraframe Mini/Stainless, FE - ClStainless, Fine Edge - Clam
Mfg: 22-48485
SKU: 61808
Paraframe Mini, SS, Serr, Clam
Mfg: 22-48484
SKU: 76592

Gerber Blades Powerframe

Powerframe, FE, BoxFine Edge, Box
Mfg: 22-01965
SKU: 52042
Powerframe, FE, ClamFine Edge, Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-41965
SKU: 53866
Powerframe - Serrated - ClamSerrated - Clam
Mfg: 22-41964
SKU: 76588

Gerber Blades Profile Knife

Folding/GH - ClamFolding Gut Hook
Mfg: 22-41708
SKU: 49254
Folding/DP - ClamFolding Drop Point
Mfg: 22-41297
SKU: 49249

Gerber Blades Remix

Remix, Fine Edge, ClamFine Edge, Clam
Mfg: 22-41968
SKU: 53865
Remix- Serrated-ClamSerrated, Clam
Mfg: 22-41969
SKU: 74747

Gerber Blades Ripstop

Ripstop I - Serrated - ClamI, Serrated
Mfg: 22-41613
SKU: 76576
Ripstop II - Serrated - ClamII, Serrated
Mfg: 22-41616
SKU: 76577

Gerber Blades Ripstop I

Ripstop I Fine Edge BoxFine Edge
Mfg: 22-01614
SKU: 43531

Gerber Blades Santiam

Santiam F/E - ClamFine Edge
Mfg: 22-41026
SKU: 49239

Gerber Blades Slate

Slate, FE Folder, BoxFine Edge Folder
Mfg: 30-000133
SKU: 52069
Slate, SE Folder, BoxSerrated Edge Folder
Mfg: 30-000134
SKU: 52070

Gerber Blades Statesman F.A.S.T. Drop Point

Statesman FAST DrpPt Serr ClamSerrated, Clam
Mfg: 31-000350
SKU: 55216
Statesman FAST DrpPt, Fine ClamFine, Clam
Mfg: 31-000349
SKU: 55215

Gerber Blades Stockman CLS

2.6 inch dbl bolster stag - clam2.6" Double Bolster Stag
Mfg: 22-41052
SKU: 49245
Stockman 3 Blade Stag - Clam3 Blade Stag
Mfg: 22-41035
SKU: 49244
Stockman 2 Blade Stag - Clam2 Blade Stag
Mfg: 22-41034
SKU: 49243
Stockman 1 Blade Stag - Clam1 Blade Stag
Mfg: 22-41033
SKU: 49242

Gerber Blades Torch I

Torch I Tanto G-10 Black Serr ClmTanto G-10, Black, Serrated
Mfg: 22-41584
SKU: 76573
Torch I Drop Point F/E ClamDrop Point ,Fine Edge Clam Pack
Mfg: 22-41583
SKU: 74912

Additional Gerber Folding Knives

EAB Pocket Knife, ClamGerber Blades
EAB Pocket Knife, Clam
Mfg: 22-41830
SKU: 51286
STL 2.0 F/E ClamGerber Blades
STL 2.0 F/E Clam
Mfg: 22-41122
SKU: 47204
Torch II Tanto G-10 Black S/E BoxGerber Blades
Torch II Tanto G-10 Black S/E Box
Mfg: 22-01586
SKU: 47200
Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit ClGerber Blades
Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit Cl
Mfg: 42759
SKU: 40629
EAB Lite - Fine Edge - ClamGerber Blades
EAB Lite - Fine Edge - Clam
Mfg: 31-000345
SKU: 55211
AR 3.00-Blk, Serrated/ClamGerber Blades
AR 3.00-Blk, Serrated/Clam
Mfg: 45864
SKU: 58157
06 F.A.S.T. Clip Folder, BoxGerber Blades
06 F.A.S.T. Clip Folder, Box
Mfg: 30-000118
SKU: 52068
Remix Tactical Clip Fld Serr EdgeGerber Blades
Remix Tactical Clip Fld Serr Edge
Mfg: 31-001098
SKU: 76661
Swagger,Drop Point Ser/ClamGerber Blades
Swagger,Drop Point Ser/Clam
Mfg: 31-000594
SKU: 61805
Traverse S/E - ClamGerber Blades
Traverse S/E - Clam
Mfg: 22-41019
SKU: 49236
Applegate Combat Fldr/DblEdg/SerrGerber Blades
Applegate Combat Fldr/DblEdg/Serr
Mfg: 45780
SKU: 62113
Hinderer CLS- ClamGerber Blades
Hinderer CLS- Clam
Mfg: 22-41870
SKU: 49288
Metolius Pocket FolderGerber Blades
Metolius Pocket Folder
Mfg: 31-000586
SKU: 75387
PR 2.5 F/E ClamGerber Blades
PR 2.5 F/E Clam
Mfg: 22-41579
SKU: 47208
EVO Jr. - Serrated - ClamGerber Blades
EVO Jr. - Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 22-41493
SKU: 76567
Answer FAST SM DrPt Fine Edge ClmGerber Blades
Answer FAST SM DrPt Fine Edge Clm
Mfg: 31-000578
SKU: 76627
Shard Keychain Tool- BoxGerber Blades
Shard Keychain Tool- Box
Mfg: 22-01769
SKU: 75386
Answer F.A.S.T. XL Tanto Serr ClmGerber Blades
Answer F.A.S.T. XL Tanto Serr Clm
Mfg: 31-000581
SKU: 76628
Gerb/Emerson Alliance Blk Serr BxGerber Blades
Gerb/Emerson Alliance Blk Serr Bx
Mfg: 22-07158
SKU: 76552
Magnum LST, Fine Edge- ClamGerber Blades
Magnum LST, Fine Edge- Clam
Mfg: 46038
SKU: 75388
Air Ranger - Serrated - ClamGerber Blades
Air Ranger - Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 45860
SKU: 76669
Answer 3.25, Tanto, Serr, ClamGerber Blades
Answer 3.25, Tanto, Serr, Clam
Mfg: 22-41970
SKU: 76589
Armor Tanto - Serrated - ClamGerber Blades
Armor Tanto - Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 22-41604
SKU: 76575
EVO, Ti-Coated - Fine Edge ClamGerber Blades
EVO, Ti-Coated - Fine Edge Clam
Mfg: 22-41433
SKU: 76563
Freeman Fld Gut Hook Fine ClamGerber Blades
Freeman Fld Gut Hook Fine Clam
Mfg: 22-47171
SKU: 76591
Hinderer Rescue Serr Sheath ClamGerber Blades
Hinderer Rescue Serr Sheath Clam
Mfg: 22-41534
SKU: 76570
Ridge - Black Serrated - ClamGerber Blades
Ridge - Black Serrated - Clam
Mfg: 45898
SKU: 76670
SB 2.5 - Fine Edge - ClamGerber Blades
SB 2.5 - Fine Edge - Clam
Mfg: 22-41535
SKU: 76571
Mini Swagger DrPt Fine Edge ClamGerber Blades
Mini Swagger DrPt Fine Edge Clam
Mfg: 31-000593
SKU: 76634
DMF Mod Clip Pt,Fine Edge BoxGerber Blades
DMF Mod Clip Pt,Fine Edge Box
Mfg: 30-000378
SKU: 61472
Double Take - ClamGerber Blades
Double Take - Clam
Mfg: 22-41123
SKU: 47205
Safety Auto Hook MDP Serr BoxGerber Blades
Safety Auto Hook MDP Serr Box
Mfg: 30-000383
SKU: 76610
STL 2.5 Drop Point Fine Edge ClamGerber Blades
STL 2.5 Drop Point Fine Edge Clam
Mfg: 31-000716
SKU: 76639
06 Manual Combat Folder Serr BoxGerber Blades
06 Manual Combat Folder Serr Box
Mfg: 30-000382
SKU: 76609
Covert Auto - Serrated - BoxGerber Blades
Covert Auto - Serrated - Box
Mfg: 30-000137
SKU: 76606
DMF Tanto, Serrated BoxGerber Blades
DMF Tanto, Serrated Box
Mfg: 30-000379
SKU: 61473
Instant Assisted Opening Clip FldGerber Blades
Instant Assisted Opening Clip Fld
Mfg: 31-001101
SKU: 76662

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Gerber Axes & Saws

Gerber Blades Exchange-A-Blade

Exchange-A-Blade, 7 inch saw 2 blades7" Sport Saw w/2 blades
Mfg: 46036
SKU: 18174
Wood Cutting Blade Coarse Cut, ClReplacement Wood Cutting Blade (Coarse)
Mfg: 70151
SKU: 25257
2005 Gator Exch/Blade Saw-Bone/FnFine/Bone Replacement Blade
Mfg: 22-41461
SKU: 44011
Bone Cutting Blade Fine Cut, ClamReplacement Bone Cutting Blade (Fine)
Mfg: 70176
SKU: 25258
2005 Gatr Exch/Bld-saw-Wood/CoarsGator, Wood/Coarse
Mfg: 22-41457
SKU: 60079
2005 Gatr Exch/Bld Saw-Wood/CoarsCoarse/Wood Replacement Blade
Mfg: 22-41462
SKU: 44012

Gerber Blades Gator

GatorMachete Jr,Nyl Shth,ClamJr. Machete, Nylon Sheath, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000759
SKU: 61457
Gator Machete,Nyl Shth,ClamMachete, Nylon Sheath, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000758
SKU: 61458
GatorMachetePro,NySh/ClMachete Pro, Nylon Sheath, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000705
SKU: 61811

Gerber Blades Gator Saw

Gator Saw I - 10 inches - clam10" Saw
Mfg: 22-49472
SKU: 36565

Additional Gerber Axes & Saws

Slide Saw, ClamGerber Blades
Slide Saw, Clam
Mfg: 22-41773
SKU: 49259
Take-A-Part 8 inches game shears, clGerber Blades
Take-A-Part 8" Game Shears, Cl
Mfg: 46001
SKU: 10340
Gator Combo Axe II - ClamGerber Blades
Gator Combo Axe II - Clam
Mfg: 22-41420
SKU: 40444
Sport Axe II - ClamGerber Blades
Sport Axe II - Clam
Mfg: 31-000913
SKU: 61453
Camp Axe II - ClamGerber Blades
Camp Axe II - Clam
Mfg: 31-000914
SKU: 61454
Back Paxe II - ClamGerber Blades
Back Paxe II - Clam
Mfg: 31-000912
SKU: 61452
Axe - Extra Large - LabelGerber Blades
Axe - Extra Large - Label
Mfg: 31-000915
SKU: 76644
Hunter Ratcheting Pruner ClGerber Blades
Hunter Ratcheting Pruner Cl
Mfg: 46903
SKU: 27855
Bone/Branch Hunt Kit Pruners ClamGerber Blades
Bone/Branch Hunt Kit Pruners Clam
Mfg: 22-41392
SKU: 76561
Double Joint 13 inch folding saw clamGerber Blades
Double Joint 13" Folding Saw Clam
Mfg: 31-000232
SKU: 55201
Gator Saw III 10 inch w chainsaw clamGerber Blades
Gator Saw III 10" w/ChainSaw Clam
Mfg: 22-41514
SKU: 76568
Two-Fold Saw 10 inch fine coarse clamGerber Blades
Two-Fold Saw 10" Fine/Coarse Clam
Mfg: 31-000694
SKU: 76637
Gator Combo Axe - ClamGerber Blades
Gator Combo Axe - Clam
Mfg: 31-001054
SKU: 73963

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Gerber Fishing Knives

Gerber Blades Gator Fillet

Gator Fillet, 7.5 inch fineedge,blstr7.5" Fine Edge
Mfg: 75231
SKU: 43756
Gator Fillet, 6 inch fine edge, blstr6" Fine Edge
Mfg: 75230
SKU: 43755

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Gerber Machetes

Gerber Blades Bear Grylls Series

Bear Grylls Parang, Nylon Sh. ClParang, Nylon Sheath
Mfg: 31-000698
SKU: 60557

Gerber Blades Gator

Gator Brush Thinner 19.5 inch, clamBrush Thinner 19.5"
Mfg: 31-000083
SKU: 54615

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Gerber Multi-Purpose Tools

Gerber Blades Balance Jaw Tool

Balance Jaw Tool Green - ClamGreen
Mfg: 31-001248
SKU: 76665
Balance Jaw Tool Grey - ClamGrey
Mfg: 31-001250
SKU: 76666

Gerber Blades Bear Grylls Series

Bear Grylls Comp Multi-tool, ClCompact Multi-Tool
Mfg: 31-000750
SKU: 60552
Bear Grylls Ult Multi-tool ClamUltimate Multi-Tool
Mfg: 31-000749
SKU: 60559

Gerber Blades Crucial Tool

Tool Crucial Gray, ClamGray, Clam
Mfg: 31-000014
SKU: 53862
Crucial Tool, Gray, BoxGray, Box
Mfg: 30-000016
SKU: 52059
Crucial Pocket Tool/GrnGreen, Clam Pack
Mfg: 31-000238
SKU: 76162

Gerber Blades Dime Micro Tool

Dime Micro Tool, BlackBlack
Mfg: 31-001134
SKU: 76664
Dime Micro Tool, GreenGreen
Mfg: 31-001132
SKU: 76663

Gerber Blades FlicK MultiPlier Needlenose

Flick MultiPlier Needle SS, ClamStainless Steel
Mfg: 22-41054
SKU: 49246
Flick - Black - ClamBlack
Mfg: 22-41638
SKU: 49250

Gerber Blades Gerber Edge

Gerber Edge,Blk Rubber HdleClamBlack, Rubber Handle
Mfg: 31-000668
SKU: 61478
Gerber Edge, Silver AlumHdl ClamSilver, Aluminum Handle
Mfg: 31-000664
SKU: 61474
Gerber Edge, Blu Alum Hdle - ClamBlue, Aluminum Handle
Mfg: 31-000667
SKU: 61477
Gerber Edge, Blk Alum Hdle - ClamBlack, Aluminum Handle
Mfg: 31-000666
SKU: 61476
Gerber Edge,Blu RubberHdle ClamBlue, Rubber Handle, Clame
Mfg: 31-000669
SKU: 61479

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier

Suspension Multi Plier ClamSuspension MultiPlier
Mfg: 22-41471
SKU: 47448
Compact Sport Multi Plier 400 Cl400, Compact Sport (Clam Packed)
Mfg: 45500
SKU: 10194
Multi-Plier 800, SS, Clam800, SS (Clam Packed)
Mfg: 48239
SKU: 4612
Multi-Plier 600, Needleno SS, Cla600, Needlenose SS (Clam Packed)
Mfg: 47530
SKU: 3661
Multi-Plier 600, Needlenose,SS600, Needlenose
Mfg: 07530
SKU: 11417
MultiPlier 400 Comp. Sport SS, Bx400, Compact Sport
Mfg: 05500
SKU: 2680
Multi-Plier 600 ProSt NN SS w/Kit600 Pro, Stainless Steel, with Kit
Mfg: 07564
SKU: 76547
Multi-Plier 800 The Legend, Bx800, "The Legend" Gator Jaw
Mfg: 08239
SKU: 5824
Multi-Plier 600 Pro Scout NN SS600, Pro Scout Needlenose, Stainless Steel
Mfg: 47563
SKU: 76672
Multi-Plier 600 NN Blk Clam600, Needlenose, Black, Clam Pack
Mfg: 47550
SKU: 76671

Gerber Blades Multi-Plier 600

MP600,DET,Saw PnchNeedle Nose, Saw, Punch, Black
Mfg: 30-000471
SKU: 72886
Multi-Plier 600,BluntNose/Blk BoxBlunt Nose, Black
Mfg: 07520
SKU: 3704
Multi-Plier 600, Blunt NoseBlunt Nose, Stainless
Mfg: 07500
SKU: 12410

Gerber Blades Octane Multi Plier

Octane Multi Plier - Red - ClamRed - Clam
Mfg: 31-000441
SKU: 55229
Octane Multi Plier - Gray - ClamGray - Clam
Mfg: 31-000373
SKU: 55224

Gerber Blades Pocket Tool

Splice Pocket Tool - BoxSplice
Mfg: 30-000014
SKU: 52058

Gerber Blades Pruner

Shot Maker Telescoping Pruner ClShot Maker Telescoping
Mfg: 22-41982
SKU: 52051

Additional Gerber Multi-Purpose Tools

Gorge Folding Shovel - BoxGerber Blades
Gorge Folding Shovel - Box
Mfg: 22-41578
SKU: 47212
Blue Curve Multi Tool/ClamGerber Blades
Blue Curve Multi Tool/Clam
Mfg: 31-000116
SKU: 58154
Artifact - ClamGerber Blades
Artifact - Clam
Mfg: 22-41770
SKU: 49256
E-Z-Zip GH Tool w/Sheath, ClamGerber Blades
E-Z-Zip GH Tool w/Sheath, Clam
Mfg: 45924
SKU: 25777
Folding Spade, Serrated, BoxGerber Blades
Folding Spade, Serrated, Box
Mfg: 30-000075
SKU: 52066
Steady Tripod Multi-ToolGerber Blades
Steady Tripod Multi-Tool
Mfg: 31-001043
SKU: 76653
Dime Micro Tool, RedGerber Blades
Dime Micro Tool, Red
Mfg: 31-001040
SKU: 76652
Gerb Saftey Box/Strap CutterClamGerber Blades
Gerb Saftey Box/Strap CutterClam
Mfg: 31-000665
SKU: 61475
10-Piece Tool Kit for FreeNautGerber Blades
10-Piece Tool Kit for FreeNaut
Mfg: 22-49445
SKU: 76598
Evo Tool - ClamGerber Blades
Evo Tool - Clam
Mfg: 22-41771
SKU: 49257
Tool Kit Only w/Ballistic Shth ClGerber Blades
Tool Kit Only w/Ballistic Shth Cl
Mfg: 45200
SKU: 24898
Maintenance Kit Multi-Plier 600Gerber Blades
Maintenance Kit Multi-Plier 600
Mfg: 30-000472
SKU: 76612
Curve Gray Etch, BoxGerber Blades
Curve Gray Etch, Box
Mfg: 30-000207
SKU: 52074
Grappler Multi Plier Sheath ClamGerber Blades
Grappler Multi Plier Sheath Clam
Mfg: 31-000333
SKU: 55209
Vise Pckt Tool/Blk/ClmGerber Blades
Vise Pckt Tool/Blk/Clm
Mfg: 31-000021
SKU: 73040
Reveal Folding Pruners, Shth ClamGerber Blades
Reveal Folding Pruners, Shth Clam
Mfg: 31-000229
SKU: 55200
Diesel Multi-Plier Blk Shth ClamGerber Blades
Diesel Multi-Plier Blk Shth Clam
Mfg: 22-41545
SKU: 76572
Diesel Multi-Plier MO,Shth, ClGerber Blades
Diesel Multi-Plier MO,Shth, Cl
Mfg: 22-41380
SKU: 49557
E-Tool with Pick, Serrated Bl. BxGerber Blades
E-Tool with Pick, Serrated Bl. Bx
Mfg: 22-01945
SKU: 52040
Pruner, ClamGerber Blades
Pruner, Clam
Mfg: 22-41774
SKU: 49260
Splice Pckt Tool/Blk/ClmGerber Blades
Splice Pckt Tool/Blk/Clm
Mfg: 31-000013
SKU: 73039
Mini Gerber SK, Black - ClamGerber Blades
Mini Gerber SK, Black - Clam
Mfg: 31-000670
SKU: 61480
eFect Military Tool-ClamGerber Blades
eFect Military Tool-Clam
Mfg: 31-000049
SKU: 74175
Strata Multi Plier Sheath ClamGerber Blades
Strata Multi Plier Sheath Clam
Mfg: 31-000334
SKU: 55210
Carbide Cutter Insert Repl BlistrGerber Blades
Carbide Cutter Insert Repl Blistr
Mfg: 48252
SKU: 76673
Compact Sport 400 Blk Sheath ClamGerber Blades
Compact Sport 400 Blk Sheath Clam
Mfg: 22-45509
SKU: 76590
Concertina Cutter No Sheath - BoxGerber Blades
Concertina Cutter No Sheath - Box
Mfg: 22-01063
SKU: 76549
Crucial F.A.S.T. Tool - BoxGerber Blades
Crucial F.A.S.T. Tool - Box
Mfg: 30-000315
SKU: 76608
Fit Light Tool Blue - ClamGerber Blades
Fit Light Tool Blue - Clam
Mfg: 31-000731
SKU: 76643
FliK Fish Multi-Plier NN SS ClamGerber Blades
FliK Fish Multi-Plier NN SS Clam
Mfg: 31-000062
SKU: 76618
Survival Tool Pack Mult-Tool & LtGerber Blades
Survival Tool Pack Mult-Tool & Lt
Mfg: 31-001047
SKU: 76654
Transit 2-1 Utility Knife and Pen SlotGerber Blades
Transit 2-1 Utility Knife and Pen Slot
Mfg: 31-001039
SKU: 76651
Vehicle Safety Kit Blk Nylon BoxGerber Blades
Vehicle Safety Kit Blk Nylon Box
Mfg: 30-000300
SKU: 76607
Diesel Multi-Plier SS, ClamGerber Blades
Diesel Multi-Plier SS, Clam
Mfg: 22-41470
SKU: 76565
Fit Light Tool Orange - ClamGerber Blades
Fit Light Tool Orange - Clam
Mfg: 31-000919
SKU: 76646
Cable Dawg w/Black SheathGerber Blades
Cable Dawg w/Black Sheath
Mfg: 30-000399
SKU: 76611
Gray Curve Multi Tool/ClamGerber Blades
Gray Curve Multi Tool/Clam
Mfg: 31-000206
SKU: 58155

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Gerber Knife Sharpeners

Diamond Pocket Sharpner, ClGerber Blades
Diamond Pocket Sharpner, Cl
Mfg: 22-41307
SKU: 60194
Pocket Sharpener, ClamGerber Blades
Pocket Sharpener, Clam
Mfg: 04307
SKU: 17996
Diamond Sharpener, clamGerber Blades
Diamond Sharpener, clam
Mfg: 09841
SKU: 2831
DF6 Compact Sharpener- ClamGerber Blades
DF6 Compact Sharpener- Clam
Mfg: 22-41846
SKU: 49287
DF8 Sharpener- ClamGerber Blades
DF8 Sharpener- Clam
Mfg: 22-41847
SKU: 76587

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Gerber Knife Sheaths

Sheath Plastic Foliage GreenGerber Blades
Sheath Plastic Foliage Green
Mfg: 22-00026
SKU: 76548

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Engenuity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Each of the Gerber knives and tools features leading innovations such as injection molded nylon grips that offer a non-slip grip as well as durable metals and blade coatings, which create the sharpest and longest lasting blades. In addition to offering some of the latest innovations, each Gerber knife offers the durability needed to last for a lifetime. Therefore, the new Gerber knives and tools that are designed, produced, and manufactured today, are able to live up to the same standards of quality and design that have helped the Gerber brand to become the leading company it is today.

Our Discount Gerber Knives

At United Sportsmen's Store, we carry a complete selection of Gerber knives and tools including axes, saws, shears, fixed blade knives, folding knives, multipurpose tools, and more. These Gerber knives and tools are ideal for a variety of situations and have become trusted tools for many outdoorsmen including hunters, fishers, campers, and survivalists. Additionally, Gerber knives offer the durability and performance that professionals demand, making them popular among tactical and military personnel as well as for industrial applications.

The discount Gerber knives and tools that you will find for sale online from our discount hunting and camping gear store include:

  • Gerber Axes, Saws, & Shears: Gerber axes offer the durability and resilience you need in any axe. With durable stainless steel forged heads and glass-filled nylon Fibercomp handles, these axes offer performance that will exceed your expectations. Like all of the Gerber knives, Gerber saws and shears also offer superior performance with precision ground, stainless steel blades and durable handles.
  • Gerber Fishing Knives: These Gerber knives are ideal for all fishing applications especially filleting and cleaning fish. With special non-slip grips and flexible, thin, sharp blades, Gerber knives are the perfect tool for any sport fishing enthusiast.
  • Gerber Fixed Blade Knives: These Gerber knives offer added durability with a solid fixed blade design. There are a variety of Gerber fixed blade knives available including those with different types of blades and handles in order to meet any needs.
  • Gerber Folding Knives: Gerber folding knives are versatile and easy to carry nearly anywhere with a safe folding blade design. These Gerber knives are available in variety of styles including knives designed to meet everyday needs as well as knives intended for special applications.
  • Gerber Multipurpose Tools: Gerber multi-pliers are a complete line of multipurpose tools designed for a variety of applications. These multi-tools can handle any situation with a variety of fold out blades and tools such as knife blades, scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, and more.
  • Gerber Machetes: Machetes are the ultimate survival tool for many outdoorsmen as they can be used to chop, slice, fillet, or smash nearly anything when needed. Gerber machetes, like all of the Gerber knives, utilize durable stainless steel blades and sturdy, non-slip handles to offer superior performance and durability.
  • Gerber Knife Sharpeners: Even the most well made knives can become dull with regular use, and therefore, Gerber also manufactures a variety of knife sharpeners for keeping your knives in top condition.