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Air Mattresses: Discount Air Mattresses & Air Beds

Air Mattresses

Air Mattresses

Air Mattress Pumps

Air Mattress Pumps

Air mattresses and air beds make great portable beds for using around the house and when traveling. They are also commonly used on camping trips to bring the comforts of home outdoors. At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of discount air mattresses at affordable prices. This includes discount twin, full, and queen sized air mattresses as well a raised height air beds. We also sell a variety of air mattress pumps and accessories at great discount prices. With our discount air mattresses, and inflatable air beds, you can bring the comfort of your own bed with you to provide you with a restful night's sleep almost anywhere.

Shop our discount air mattresses and sleeping pads as well as our complete selection of discount hunting gear to find the outdoor gear and equipment that meets your needs.

Air Mattresses

Big Agnes AirCore

20 in x66x2.5 aircore petite 20" x 66" x 2.5" Petite
Mfg: PAP11
SKU: 74006
20 in x72x2.5 aircore reg 20" x 72" x 2.5" Reglar
Mfg: PAR2.55
SKU: 74007
20 in x72x2.5 aircore rgmummy 20" x 72" x 2.5" Regular Mummy
Mfg: PAMR2.55
SKU: 74005
20 in x78x2.5 aircore lg 20" x 78" x 2.5" Long
Mfg: PAL2.55
SKU: 74003
20 in x78x2.5 aircore lgmummy 20" x 78" x 2.5" Long Mummy
Mfg: PAML2.55
SKU: 74004

Big Agnes Insulated AirCore Pad

20 in x66x2.5 insltaircore petite 20" x 66" x 2.5", Petite
Mfg: PIAP8
SKU: 74011
20 in x72x2.5 insltaircore reg 20" x 72" x 2.5", Regular
Mfg: PIAR8
SKU: 74012
20 in x72x2.5 insltaircore rgmummy 20" x 72" x 2.5", Regular Mummy
SKU: 74010
20 in x78x2.5 insltaircore lgmummy 20" x 78" x 2.5", Large Mummy
SKU: 74009
20 in x78x2.5 insltaircore long 20" x 78"x 2.5", Long
Mfg: PIAL8
SKU: 74008

Intex Classic Downy Air Bed

Classic Downy Bed, Royal Bl Full Royal Blue, Full Size
Mfg: 68758E
SKU: 48395
Classic Downy Bed, Royal Bl Queen Royal Blue, Queen Size
Mfg: 68759E
SKU: 48396
Classic Downy Bed, Royal Bl Twin Royal Blue, Twin Size
Mfg: 68757E
SKU: 48394

Intex Pillow Rest Air Bed

Pillow Rest Rising, Queen w/AC Queen, Built in 120 Volt AC Pump
Mfg: 67701E
SKU: 48379
Pillow Rest Rising, Twin w/AC Twin, Built in 120 Volt AC Pump
Mfg: 66705E
SKU: 48372

Intex Prestige Downy Air Bed

Prestige Downy, Grn Queen w/4D Green, Queen, with 4D Pump
Mfg: 66969E
SKU: 48377
Prestige Downy, Grn Full w/4D Green, Full, with 4D Pump
Mfg: 66968E
SKU: 48376
Prestige Downy, Grn Twin w/4D Green, Twin, with 4D Pump
Mfg: 66967E
SKU: 48375

Wenzel Insta-Bed

Insta-Bed w/SPS Pump, Queen Queen, w/SPS Pump
Mfg: 822317
SKU: 51492
Insta-Bed w/SPS Pump, Twin Twin, w/SPS Pump
Mfg: 822315
SKU: 51468
Insta-Bed w/SPS Pump, Full Full, w/SPS Pump
Mfg: 822316
SKU: 51490
Insta-Bed Raised SureGrip, Qn, AC Queen, 22" Raised SureGrip, w/AC
Mfg: 822547
SKU: 51496

Additional Air Mattresses

Raised Downy Bed Queen, 120V Pump Intex
Raised Downy Bed Queen, 120V Pump
Mfg: 66717E
SKU: 60325
Supreme AirFlow Raised Queen 120V Intex
Supreme AirFlow Raised Queen 120V
Mfg: 66961E
SKU: 48374
Pillow Rest Classic Airbed, Full Intex
Pillow Rest Classic Airbed, Full
Mfg: 66776E
SKU: 55308
Pillow Rest Classic Airbed, Queen Intex
Pillow Rest Classic Airbed, Queen
Mfg: 66777E
SKU: 55309
Pillow Rest Classic Airbed, Twin Intex
Pillow Rest Classic Airbed, Twin
Mfg: 66775E
SKU: 55307
Insta-Bed Signature Stow-N-Go Wenzel
Insta-Bed Signature Stow-N-Go
Mfg: 822526
SKU: 54823

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Air Mattress Pumps

Coghlans Electric Air Pump

110/120V Electric Air Pump 110/120V
Mfg: 0809
SKU: 51400
12V DC Electric Air Pump 12V DC
Mfg: 0815
SKU: 51399

Intex Quick Fill Electric Pump

12V DC Electric Pump 12 Volt DC
Mfg: 66626E
SKU: 48370
Quick Fill Indoor/Outd Elec Pump 120 Volt AC / 12 Volt DC
Mfg: 68608E
SKU: 48391

Additional Air Mattress Pumps

4D Battery Air Pump Coghlans
4D Battery Air Pump
Mfg: 0817
SKU: 60433
Double Action Hand Pump Coghlans
Double Action Hand Pump
Mfg: 0824
SKU: 51398
Bellows Foot Pump Coghlans
Bellows Foot Pump
Mfg: 0819
SKU: 54884
120V Quick Fill Pump Intex
120V Quick Fill Pump
Mfg: 66623E
SKU: 60323
6 C-Size Battery Pump Intex
6 C-Size Battery Pump
Mfg: 68638E
SKU: 60324
High Output Hand Pump 14inch Intex
High Output Hand Pump 14"
Mfg: 68614E
SKU: 48392
Double Action Hand Pump Stansport
Double Action Hand Pump
Mfg: 436
SKU: 48287

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Air Mattresses for Camping and Outdoor Uses

Air mattresses are commonly used for recreational camping trips and car camping trips. They are most popular because they offer superior comfort and a sleeping experience that is much like sleeping at home. This is ideal especially for those sleeping with small children who prefer the feeling of sleeping at home as well as any recreational camper who goes camping during pleasant weather. However, because air mattresses are rather bulky and heavy compared to other sleeping pads, they are not an ideal choice for backpacking and backwoods camping trips. Additionally, air mattresses require an air pump to inflate, which often requires access to an electrical outlet or other power source and can be difficult on some types of camping trips.

If you are backpacking, hiking, or camping in the backwoods and our discount air mattresses will be too heavy or bulky, please check out our discount sleeping pads, which are a lightweight and appropriate solution for many camping styles.

Additional Air Mattress Applications

In addition to using air mattresses for camping and backpacking, air mattresses also have a number of other applications, and an air mattress is the perfect temporary or portable bed for nearly any situation. From everyday use to accommodating overnight guests, air mattresses can be used for both around the house applications and during travel. Common uses for air mattresses include:

  • As everyday beds in place of a traditional mattress
  • To accommodate overnight guests and visitors
  • For children's sleepovers and slumber parties
  • For staging homes that are for sale
  • For trips and vacations to rental homes, cabins, hotel rooms, and condos
  • When visiting family or friends

Buy Discount Air Mattresses

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of discount air mattresses from leading manufacturers. This includes a variety of sizes and styles of air mattresses such as:

  • Twin, Full, and Queen Sized Air Mattresses
  • Raised Air Beds and Air Mattresses
  • Air Mattresses with Special Features including built in pillows or pumps and dual air chambers
  • Air Mattresses from leading manufacturers including Intex and Wenzel

Shop our discount air mattresses today to find the air mattress that fits your needs at a great price that you can afford.