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Crossbows: Discount Hunting Crossbows & Crossbow Accessories

Crossbows Only


Crossbow Packages

Crossbow Packages

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of crossbows and crossbow accessories from leading crossbow manufacturers. With our complete selection of discount hunting crossbows, we carry high-quality and high-performance crossbows that can meet the demands of even the most serious crossbow hunter as well as affordable crossbows that offer adequate performance at affordable prices to meet the needs of those on a tight budget. Our discount hunting crossbows available include recurve and compound crossbows, crossbow packages, crossbow scopes, and other crossbow accessories from Barnett, Crosman, Excalibur, Horton, NCStar, TenPoint, and Wicked Ridge.


Excalibur Equinox

Equinox CB w/IluMultiRetLitePkgLite Stuff Package, Shadow-Zone Multi-Reticle Scope
Mfg: 6772
SKU: 62140
Equinox CB w/Multi Red DtLitePkgCrossbow with Multi-Red Dot Lite Stuff Package
Mfg: 6776
SKU: 62139
Equinox Full Camo CrossbowFull Camo Crossbow
Mfg: 6790
SKU: 52031

Excalibur Exocet 200

Exocet 200 Xbow 200# RT HW KlrfsnRealtree Hardwoods Kolorfusion
Mfg: 2230
SKU: 44060

Excalibur Exomax

Exomax Full Camo CrossbowFull Camo Crossbow
Mfg: 6780
SKU: 52030

Excalibur IBEX

Ibex CrossbowCrossbow
Mfg: 6830
SKU: 52033

Excalibur Phoenix

Phoenix Xbow 175# RTHW KlrfusnRealtree Hardwoods Kolorfusion
Mfg: 2240
SKU: 44059

Excalibur Vixen II

Vixen II, Realtree HD Pink CamoRealtree HD Pink Camo
Mfg: 6810
SKU: 55700
Vixen ll Compact CrossbowCompact Crossbow
Mfg: 6820
SKU: 52032

Excalibur Vortex

Vortex,200# RTAP KolorfusionRealtree Hardwoods All Purpose Kolorfusion
Mfg: 2260
SKU: 46840

Additional Crossbows

Bandit Toy CrossbowBarnett
Bandit Toy Crossbow
Mfg: 1037
SKU: 39574
Tacoma 150 w/QuiverHorton
Tacoma 150 w / Quiver
Mfg: TCB150
SKU: 50721
Eagle, 29# Youth Train (Bow Only)Horton
Eagle, 29# Youth Train (Bow Only)
Mfg: CB830
SKU: 79615

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Crossbow Packages

Barnett Penetrator Crossbow Package

Penetrator Pkg/Qvr 3-20:/Rd Dotwith Red Dot Sight
Mfg: 78410
SKU: 61096
Penetrator Pkg/Qvr 3-20/4x32with 4x32 Scope
Mfg: 78401
SKU: 61095

Barnett Predator Package

Predator-Quiver 3-22 inch arrows4x324x32mm Scope
Mfg: 78015
SKU: 61089
Predator-QVR 3-22 inch arr&prem rddtPremium Red Dot Sight
Mfg: 78035
SKU: 61092

Barnett Quad 400 AVI Package

Quad 400 AVI Pkg, Premium Red DotPremium Red Dot Sight
Mfg: 78037
SKU: 61097
Quad 400 AVI Pkg, 4x32mm Scope4x32mm Scope
Mfg: 78017
SKU: 61091

Barnett Quad 400 Package

Quad 400 Pkg-Qvr,3-22 inch arr,rd dotRed Dot Sight
Mfg: 78071
SKU: 61099
Quad 400 Pkg-Qvr 3-22 inch arr, 4x324x32mm Scope
Mfg: 78032
SKU: 61098

Barnett Revolution AVI Package

Revolution AVI Pkg3-22 inch arr4x32mm4x32mm Scope
Mfg: 78016
SKU: 61090
Revolution AVI Pkg3-22 inch arr premrdPremium Red Dot Sight
Mfg: 78036
SKU: 61093

Barnett Wildcat C5 Package

WildcatC5 Camo Qvr3-22 inch ,prm redCamo, Premium Red Dot Sight
Mfg: 78076
SKU: 61101
WildcatC5 Pkg,Blk Qvr 3-20 inch prm reBlack, Premium Red Dot Sight
Mfg: 78073
SKU: 61100

Excalibur Crossbow

Relayer Y25 CrossbowRelayer Y25
Mfg: 6625
SKU: 49637

Excalibur Equinox

Equinox - Lite Stuff PackageLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6770
SKU: 52029

Excalibur Exocet 200

Exocet 200 - Lite Stuff PackageLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6740
SKU: 52026
Exocet 200w/MultRedDotMulti-Red Dot Sight / Package
Mfg: 6746
SKU: 62001

Excalibur Exomax

Exomax - Lite Stuff PackageLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6760
SKU: 52028

Excalibur Ibex

Ibex - Lite Stuff PackageLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6730
SKU: 52025
IBEX Mulit Red Dot Lite PKGMulti-Red Dot Sight, Lite Stuff Package
Mfg: 6736
SKU: 61516
IBEX PA Red Dot Lite Stuff PkgPennsylvania Red Dot Scope Lite Stuff Package
Mfg: 6735
SKU: 55366

Excalibur Phoenix

Phoenix - Lite Stuff PackageLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6720
SKU: 52024

Excalibur The Right Stuff Accessory Package

The Right Stuff Standard PkgStandard Accessory Package, Realtree Hardwoods
Mfg: 2270
SKU: 46292
The Right Stuff Standard RTAPStandard Accessory Package, Realtree Hardwoods All Purpose
Mfg: 6660
SKU: 46844

Excalibur The Right Stuff Accessory Package With Scope

The Right Stuff Vari-Zone RTAPScope Accessory Package, Realtree Hardwoods All Purpose
Mfg: 6650
SKU: 46843
The Right Stuff Vari-Zone Scp PkgScope Accessory Package, Realtree Hardwoods
Mfg: 2280
SKU: 44057

Excalibur Vixen ll

Vixen II Multi Red Dt Lite PkgMulti-Red Dot Sight, Lite Stuff Package
Mfg: 6716
SKU: 61517
Vixen ll - Lite Stuff Pkg CompactLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6710
SKU: 52023
Vixen II PA Red Dot Lite Stuf PkgPennsylvania Red Dot Scope Lite Stuff Package
Mfg: 6715
SKU: 55364

Excalibur Vortex

Vortex - Lite Stuff PackageLite Stuff Package, Vari-Zone Multi-Plex Scope
Mfg: 6750
SKU: 52027
Vortex PA Red Dot Lite Stuff PkgPennsylvania Red Dot Scope Lite Stuff Package
Mfg: 6755
SKU: 55368

Horton Legacy 175

Legacy 175 Scope PackageLegacy 175 Scope Package
Mfg: CB724
SKU: 40968

Horton Team Realtree TRT 175

Team Realtree TRT 175 w/Scopewith Scope
Mfg: CB517
SKU: 56892

Horton Team Realtree TRT 175 w / Dot

Team Realtree TRT 175 w/Dotwith Red-Dot Sight
Mfg: CB514
SKU: 56891

NCStar Crossbow

Crossbow w/Scopewith Scope
Mfg: CS
SKU: 59692
Crossbow w/Red Dotwith Red Dot Sight
Mfg: CD
SKU: 59689

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Titan HLX Package, ACUdraw

Titan HLX Pkg-3x PV Scope/ACUdraw3x Pro-View Scope
Mfg: C09047-7322
SKU: 58212

Additional Crossbow Packages

Buck Com 3-22 inch arrow ill3x32Barnett
Buck Com 3-22"Arrow&Ill3x32
Mfg: 78039
SKU: 61094
Ghost 400 CRTBarnett
Ghost 400 CRT
Mfg: 78022
SKU: 74240
Jackal PkgCamo Qvr 3-20 inch prem redBarnett
Jackal PkgCamo Qvr 3-20"Prem Red
Mfg: 78404
SKU: 61102
Bristol Jr Toy Crossbow SetCrosman
Bristol Jr Toy Crossbow Set
Mfg: ABT100
SKU: 50424
Axiom SMF Crossbow Kt/scopeExcalibur
Axiom SMF Crossbow Kt / scope
Mfg: 6845
SKU: 61533
160#RT / APG / Camo / 4x32
Mfg: CB305
SKU: 62037
160# / GrnStk / RT / APG / Camo / 4x32
Mfg: CB300
SKU: 62036
Vision 175 Scope PkgHorton
Vision 175 Scope Pkg
Mfg: CB861
SKU: 60582
Scout HD 125 Red Dot PackageHorton
Scout HD 125 Red Dot Package
Mfg: CB721
SKU: 40967
175#RT / APG / Camo4x32 / Qvr&Arrows
Mfg: CB315
SKU: 62035
GT Mag Pkg w/3xScope ACUdraw MOTSTenPoint Crossbow Technologies
GT Mag Pkg w / 3xScope ACUdraw MOTS
Mfg: C09062-7422
SKU: 54751
Turbo XLT Pkg-3x PV Scope/ACUdrawTenPoint Crossbow Technologies
Turbo XLT Pkg-3x PV Scope / ACUdraw
Mfg: C10020-6522
SKU: 58219
DefenderCLS Pkg-3xPVScope/ACUdrawTenPoint Crossbow Technologies
DefenderCLS Pkg-3xPVScope / ACUdraw
Mfg: C09076-7622
SKU: 58214
PhantomCLS-S Pkg-3xScope/ACUdrawTenPoint Crossbow Technologies
PhantomCLS-S Pkg-3xScope / ACUdraw
Mfg: C10003-4222
SKU: 58218
Warrior Pkg (Scop/Quivr) CamoWicked Ridge
Warrior Pkg (Scop / Quivr) Camo
Mfg: WR1015.6440
SKU: 58197
Invader Pkg (w/ACUdraw) CamoWicked Ridge
Invader Pkg (w / ACUdraw) Camo
Mfg: WR1005.6446
SKU: 58196

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Buying the Best Crossbow for Hunting

Crossbow hunting is a popular sport for many as it can extend the regular hunting season for an avid hunter or outdoorsmen. Additionally, crossbow hunting is appealing to many since it does not require as much practice or skill to be accurate as when shooting conventional bows. Additionally, because crossbows can be easy to cock with special cocking aids, crossbow hunting is popular among older and disabled hunters as well as children and beginners.

While most experienced crossbow hunters typically have their own preferences when buying a new crossbow or crossbow accessories, choosing and buying the best crossbow can be difficult for those who have never crossbow hunted before. Selecting the right crossbow involves considering a number of factors including crossbow size, weight, power, speed, and a number of additional options.

Some of the important factors to consider when selecting and buying the best crossbow should include:

  • Weight: While choosing a crossbow with a low weight is important because you do not want to get tired from carrying your bow when hunting, you also may not want to select a crossbow with the lowest weight. This is because heavier crossbows are typically easier to keep steady, offering greater accuracy. Therefore, you will need to find a weight that is ideal for you to balance these tradeoffs.
  • Speed: Depending on design and construction, crossbows offer different shooting speeds and powers. It is important to compare the speed and performance of different models, but you should realize that you may not need the fastest bow available, as crossbows with a little less speed can still be powerful enough to bring down large game.
  • Affordability: Crossbows can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on a number of features. Regardless if your budget is at the top or bottom of this price range, it is important that you find a crossbow that offers all of the performance and features you will need while still fitting into your budget. At United Sportsmen's Store, many of the affordable crossbows that we sell are available as part of crossbow packages, which include all of the accessories you need at special discount prices.

Buy Discount Hunting Crossbows & Crossbow Accessories

Our selection of discount crossbows includes a variety of popular crossbow styles and models from leading crossbow manufacturers. Whether you are an avid crossbow hunter looking for the most accurate and advanced crossbows and accessories or you are a beginner attempting to find the gear and equipment you need while staying within a tight budget, we have the crossbows and crossbow accessories that will suit your needs. With our complete selection of crossbows and accessories, you can find the best crossbow and accessories for you at prices you can afford.

Our discount hunting crossbows and crossbow accessories come from leading crossbow and hunting manufacturers. Therefore, our complete selection includes:

  • Barnett Crossbows & Accessories
  • Crosman Crossbows & Accessories
  • Excalibur Crossbows & Accessories
  • Horton Crossbows & Accessories
  • NCStar Crossbows & Accessories
  • TenPoint Crossbows & Accessories
  • Wicked Ridge Crossbows & Accessories

Shop our discount crossbows shown above or view all of our discount hunting crossbows and crossbow accessories for sale.