AR-15 Rifles, Parts, & Accessories

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of AR-15 rifles, AR-15 rifle accessories, and AR-15 rifle parts including magazines, rails, mounts, scopes, scope mounts, grips, and more. This complete selection of AR-15 parts and accessories includes everything any shooting or firearm enthusiast needs for customizing their AR-15 rifle. We also sell a complete selection of additional firearms and firearm accessories online from our discount hunting gear store at affordable prices.


Hogue AR-15 Extreme Grips

AR15 Ck Al BrshGls Clr Ano

Hogue AR-15 Kit

AR15 OM Grip & FF Frnd DstTan

Hogue AR-15 Rubber Grip

AR-15/M-16 Rubber Grip w/FG Z-Grn

Hogue AR-15 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves

AR-15/M-16 Rubber Grip w/FingerGr
  • Black
    Mfg: 15000
    SKU: 50664
  • Pink
    Mfg: 15007
    SKU: 57842

Hogue AR-15 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves,

AR15 Rub Grip w/FG Dst Tan

Hogue AR15 (Carbine) Free-Floating Forend

AR15 (Car) FF Frnd DstTan Grip

Hogue AR15 (Carbine) OverMold Grip & Free Floating Forend

AR15 (Car) OM Grip & FF Frnd Dst

Hogue AR15 Free Floating Forend, Rubber Grip Area

AR15 FF Frnd Pnk Rub Grip Area

Additional AR-15 Grips

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AR-15 Magazines & Loaders

ProMag AR-15 Accessories

AR-15 (5) Round Magazine Loader

ProMag AR-15/M16 .223 & 5.56X45MM

AR15/M16 .223 & 5.56X45MM 30RdBlk

ProMag Colt AR-15223 Magazine

AR-15 223 20Rnd Polymer

Thermold Twin Mag Lock for AR-15

Twin Mag Lock for AR-15 20rd THED

Thermold Zytel AR-15/M-16 5.56mm Magazine

Zytel AR-15/M-16 5.56mm Blk 20rd

Additional AR-15 Magazines & Loaders

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AR-15 Parts

ProMag AR-15Accessories

AR-15 Delta Ring Wrench AR-15Delta Ring Wrench
Mfg: PM009
SKU: 48436
AR-15 Mag Clamp 4-Pack AR-15Mag Clamp 4-Pack
Mfg: PM016B
SKU: 48442

Additional AR-15 Parts

AR-15 Brass Catcher Caldwell
AR-15Brass Catcher
Mfg: 122-231
SKU: 60842
AR15 Detachable Carry Handle Global Military Gear
AR15 Detachable Carry Handle
Mfg: GM-CH
SKU: 72954
AR15 Metal Gas Tube Bent Car AR Frnd Hogue
AR15 Metal Gas Tube Bent Car AR Frnd
Mfg: 00014
SKU: 81448
AR15 Golf Ball Launcher NcStar
AR15 Golf Ball Launcher
SKU: 59624
AR15 Combo Multi-Tool Set NcStar
AR15 Combo Multi-Tool Set
Mfg: TAR
SKU: 59938
AR15 Detachable Carry Handle NcStar
AR15 Detachable Carry Handle
SKU: 59750
AR Maintenance Tool Set Otis Technologies
AR Maintenance Tool Set
Mfg: FG-932
SKU: 88520
AR15/M16 Low Rcvr Mgz Vise Block ProMag
AR15/M16 Low Rcvr Mgz Vise Block
Mfg: PM123
SKU: 58069
AR-15/M16 Bayonet Lug Accs Rail ProMag
AR-15/M16 Bayonet Lug Accs Rail
Mfg: PM216
SKU: 58068
AR-15/M16 & M4 Handgrd Alum Rail ProMag
AR-15/M16 & M4 Handgrd Alum Rail
Mfg: PM003
SKU: 58071
AR Intrafuse Front Sight Tool Tapco
AR Intrafuse Front Sight Tool
Mfg: TOOL0902
SKU: 61863
AR Carry Handle Mount, Blk Tapco
AR Carry Handle Mount, Blk
Mfg: MNT0914-BK
SKU: 54467
AR Carbine Locking Plate Tapco
AR Carbine Locking Plate
Mfg: AR09103
SKU: 62483
AR Carbine MilSpec Rcvr Ext Tube Tapco
AR Carbine MilSpec Rcvr Ext Tube
Mfg: AR09106
SKU: 62486
AR Trigger Guard Assembly Tapco
AR Trigger Guard Assembly
Mfg: AR09201
SKU: 62488
INTRAFUSE AR Armorer's Tool Tapco
INTRAFUSE AR Armorer's Tool
Mfg: TOOL0905
SKU: 77444
AR Carbine Buffer Spring, 17-7 SS Tapco
AR Carbine Buffer Spring, 17-7 SS
Mfg: AR09101-17-7-SS
SKU: 62481
AR Carbine Castle Nut Tapco
AR Carbine Castle Nut
Mfg: AR09102
SKU: 62482
AR Handguard Removal Tool Tapco
AR Handguard Removal Tool
Mfg: TOOL0901
SKU: 54488
AR Intrafuse Stock Wrench Tapco
AR Intrafuse Stock Wrench
Mfg: TOOL0904
SKU: 61867

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AR-15 Recoil Pads

ProMag AR-15Accessories

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AR-15 Sights

Trijicon Colt M16/AR-15

Colt M16/AR15 Front Sight

Additional AR-15 Sights

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AR-15 Slings & Swivels

ProMag AR-15Accessories

AR-15 Side Sling Swivel

Additional AR-15 Slings & Swivels

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AR-15 Stocks & Barrels

Advanced Technology Intl AR-15 Forend Rail Package

AR15 Rifle (FF) Fore CmboRail Pkg

Advanced Technology Intl AR-15 Package, Aluminum Buffer Tube

AR15 Alum Civ/Cmrcl BuffrTube Pkg

Advanced Technology Intl Strikeforce Folding Stock Package Desert Tan

AK47 Strikeforce FldStk Pkg DstTn
  • AR-15
    Mfg: A.2.20.1220
    SKU: 62100

Hogue AR-15Aluminum Free Floating Forend

AR15 (Car) Knurled Al FF Frnd

Hogue AR-15Free Floating Overmolded Forend

AR15 (Car) FF Frnd GilGrn Grip Area

Hogue AR-15Kit

AR-15/M-16 Kit OvMold Grip, Carb

Hogue AR-15/M-16 Kit

AR-15/M-16 Carb Kit OM G/F Z-Grn

Hogue AR-15 Aluminum Grips

AR15 Al Mat Blk Ano

Hogue AR-15 G10 Grips

AR15 G10 Blk

Mission First Tactical Classic AR-15MP Rail

Classic AR15 MP 4-SdRL PolyM4 Blk

Tapco AR-15T6 Collapsible Stock, Mil-Spec

AR15 Collaps T6 Stock MilSpec, DE

Additional AR-15 Stocks & Barrels

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About the AR-15

Many believe that the AR-15 is one of the most versatile guns ever invented. It is an ideal general purpose rifle that can be easily configured for home and community defense, disaster survival, and small and big game hunting. It is also a great rifle for target shooting, competition shooting, and training. The AR-15 is a gun that can easily be handled by less experienced individuals and beginners. However, because it offers advanced capabilities, it is also preferred by many expert riflemen.

AR-15s were originally developed as a lighter version of the AR-10 and were marketed to various military services around the world including U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps. Today the AR-15 is manufactured by many companies and has become a popular rifle for police forces and civilian shooters around the world because of its accuracy, light weight, fast handling, and low recoil. The AR-15 rifles that are available to civilians are semi-automatic versions that are virtually identical to M-16 fully automatic rifles.

AR-15 Rifles and Civilian Use

Today, AR-15 rifles are commonly purchased by civilians for target shooting and home defense applications. These rifles are also popular among firearms enthusiasts who enjoy collecting rifles and other firearms. The AR-15 can be a fun rifle for shooting at the range. Additionally, because it is easy to shoot and delivers great accuracy and performance, this rifle can make an ideal choice for personal defense around the home.

AR-15 rifles have become popular among civilians for target shooting and home defense because they:

  • Are easy to shoot accurately
  • Deliver more firepower than a handgun
  • Are more precise than a shotgun
  • Are more controllable than a subgun
  • Can easily be configured and customized with lights, lasers, sights, and other accessories

AR-15 Parts & Accessories

In addition to selling AR-15 rifles online, we also carry a complete selection of AR-15 accessories for any shooting and firearm enthusiast. This includes:

  • AR-15 Magazines
  • AR-15 Grips
  • AR-15 Scope Mounts
  • AR-15 Rails & Mounts
  • AR-15 Hand Guards
  • AR-15 Buttstocks
  • AR-15 Cheek Pieces

The AR-15 parts and accessories that we sell come from leading manufacturers in order to offer superior performance and reliability. As with all of our discount hunting gear, we sell these parts and accessories to our customers at affordable prices. Shop our AR-15 rifles and parts online or contact us to learn more about the AR-15 rifle and types of parts and accessories that are available for these rifles. You can also shop all of our discount hunting gear to find the gear and equipment that you need for hunting, shooting, and other outdoor activities.