Horton Crossbows

Horton Crossbows are trusted by both everyday hunters and professional hunters as some of the most innovative, high performance hunting crossbows. These crossbows offer high performance utilizing the latest technology to deliver superior results. With a complete variety of Horton crossbows available, there is a Horton crossbow perfect for hunters at every skill and experience level. At United Sportsmen's Store, our discount hunting gear includes a variety of Horton Crossbows and Horton Crossbow accessories including crossbow packages, crossbow bolts, crossbow cases, and crossbow scopes or sights. Please shop our discount Horton crossbows and accessories below or view all of our discount crossbows for hunting to find the crossbow that meets your needs.

Horton Crossbows

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Horton Crossbow Packages

Horton Legacy 175

Horton Team Realtree TRT 175

Horton Team Realtree TRT 175 w/Dot

Everything Else

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Horton Crossbow Bolts - Aluminum

Horton Aluminum Arrows

Horton Bone Collector Arrows

Horton Lightning Strike MX Aluminum Arrows

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Horton Crossbow Bolts - Carbon

Horton Bone Collector Arrows

Horton Carbon Strike MX Carbon Arrows

Additional Horton Crossbow Bolts

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Horton Crossbow Broadheads

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Horton Crossbow Cases

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Horton Crossbow Cocking Devices

Horton EZ Crank

Additional Horton Crossbow Cocking Devices

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Horton Crossbow Scopes

Horton Hawke 2-7x32mm Scope

Horton Hawke 4x32 Scope

Horton Red Dot Sights

Additional Horton Crossbow Scopes

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Horton Crossbow Quivers

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Replacement Horton Crossbow Parts

Horton Crossbow Arrow Insert

Horton Crossbow Replacement String

Horton ICAD Cables

Horton Lightning Strike, 20" Shaft

Horton Nocs

Horton Recoil Pad

Horton Sound Stopper

Additional Replacement Horton Crossbow Parts

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Horton Crossbow Slings & Swivels

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Horton Crossbow Wax & Lubricant

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Why Choose Horton Crossbows

Horton crossbows and Horton crossbow accessories have been trusted for over half a century by avid crossbow hunters to offer high performance and innovative designs. Each Horton crossbow is manufactured and designed to offer superior quality, innovation, and performance. Over the years, the company has established a name as a trusted manufacturer for high quality crossbows, and they continue to place an emphasis on revolutionizing the crossbow industry with new, innovative designs that build on Horton's long standing traditions and enhance them with cutting-edge technology.

Horton crossbows and Horton crossbow accessories are continually chosen by everyday hunters and professionals to meet their crossbow hunting needs. Each Horton crossbow is precision crafted, performance driven, and unequaled in accuracy.

Popular Horton crossbows include:

  • Horton Brotherhood Crossbows: These Horton crossbows offer advanced technology and performance designed for diehard hunters combined with safe, simple, user-friendly function that can also appeal to first time shooters. Therefore, these versatile crossbows are perfect for archers and hunters of all ages and skill levels.
  • Horton Vision 175 Crossbows: This is a compact, high performance crossbow model that offers high performance with many of the desirable Horton crossbow advanced technologies and features. These Horton crossbows are both lightweight and durable to offer the highest performance possible.
  • Horton Team Realtree Crossbows: Team Realtree Horton Crossbows are the lightest high performance crossbows on the market. They offer a lightweight design that utilizes modern innovations to deliver high performance and maximum durability. These crossbows also offer a number of special customizable features in order to ensure unbeatable comfort.
  • Horton Legacy Crossbows: The Horton Legacy Crossbows offer the simplicity of a traditional recurve design with all of the power that you desire. These are quiet and lightweight crossbows that are low maintenance because of their simple design. While they feature a simple design, because of advanced technology, they are lightweight, whisper quiet, rock solid, and deadly accurate.
  • Horton Bone Collector Crossbows: These Horton crossbows utilize a radical new design that offers exceptional speed, pinpoint accuracy, and a sleek profile combined with incredible power and toughness. The Bone Collector Crossbows feature a short bow with a long powerstroke that offers an ergonomic fit and durable performance.

Buy Discount Horton Crossbows & Horton Crossbow Accessories

At United Sportsmen's Store, we sell a complete selection of discount Horton crossbows and Horton crossbow accessories. This includes a variety of popular Horton crossbow models as well as replacement parts and accessories for Horton crossbows. With our discount Horton crossbows and crossbow accessories, you are sure to find the crossbow and crossbow accessories that you need to meet your needs without breaking your budget.

We sell a variety of popular Horton crossbow models and Horton crossbow accessories including:

  • Horton Crossbows & Horton Crossbow Packages
  • Horton Crossbow Cases
  • Horton Crossbow Bolts
  • Horton Crossbow Cocking Devices
  • Horton Crossbow Scopes and Sights
  • Replacement Parts and Accessories for Horton Crossbow